TheMaggotGuy wants to know what the fuck you think about him

Player names:
Taurus ‘Orion’ Kuiper, Hermes, It Came From Space France
AI names are usually something like “Mr. Cheerful” or “O.R.I.O.N.” or my borg name, “Kuiper”

I mostly play brig med or borggy boi, please tell me how I’m doing (but like in general tho)

stop metagrudgin me, lad

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I’m not entirely sure who you are

Gonna quick bump this because I’ve started playing warden and I keep getting conflicting, very polarized reports

I played HOS with you one round when you were warden. I liked your calm head, just need to work on the brig procedure and you’ll be golden.

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Thanks, what specifically about the brig procedure? I’m extremely burnt out on warden rn so this compliment was really nice to hear. Thanks

These are my personal ideas, based on some rp guidelines I read so take them as you will.

Most important, establish crimes and set the timer before you search a prisoner and brig, it works out better for both the prisoner and security in my opinion.

I don’t know if this was specifically you doing this, but I saw a lot of prisoners naked and cuffed to beds within their cells. Prisoners who have not committed capital crimes should be allowed to keep their original jumpsuits in order to preserve their dignity and to save security time and hassle. Prisoners should also be uncuffed and free to move around their cells during their service time unless they have proven themselves to be a danger or nuisance.

You never seemed very robust so I don’t put a lot of trust in you surviving as sec. But I have nothing against you, keep getting better and one day I might even give you my spare HoS headset.

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gonna bump because I also play “David Chipley” and “Collin Wachowski”

Acted like monky and broke a fancy dishwasher. Destroyed muh immersion. Please ban


seems to be a good AI the amount of times i’ve seen you

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You act like a lunatic 98% of the time

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I’m with Astriker, you are insane.

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It’s bump time.
I also Play Frank/Mike Murphy and Ro-Bert the Robot

I’m partially with Astriker and Ethnius - You are frequently off-the-wall, speaking almost all your sentences in all caps and not terribly enjoyable to play with. Other times you’re great and put just the right amount of quirk into acting out your character.

Recommend not playing as a lunatic when you aren’t an antag, even if it makes RP sense to you. The only time I’ve seen your obnoxious lunacy and have it work well was when you were a sentience potion blobbernaut (not a humanoid that had to present intelligence to NT in order to be hired)

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Thanks. I’ve noticed this myself. Even if I think it’s funny, everyone else finds it annoying, which isn’t funny. I’m going to change some stuff to make my jokes have a wider appeal.

was funny but became cringe :flushed:

haven’t seen you ig a lot. also you ahelp a lot.

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you miss the point on 90% of your posts

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how so
20 characters

A fucking crybaby that needs to piss and shit his pants on forums and cry to admins so they can feel the triumph of getting someone banned.