TheMaggotGuy Discord Ban Appeal (Was told I needed a vouch now I have it)

Discord ID: The Maggot Guy#3950

Admin Discord ID: Ruko

Ban Type: Ban

Ban Length: Permanent

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 12/16/2020

Ban Reason: “must’ve been banned by a wom*n who didn’t get her hot chip fix today” Hmm yes, today I will complain about my mute for sexism by making sexist comment.

Appeal Reason: Got muted and then banned for a “Girls born after 1993” meme voiced by Yoda. Doesn’t really qualify as sexism.

Additional Information: Previous appeal got denied because “well he’s permabanned too so why unban from the discord” and “get a vouch to appeal your permaban”. Well I don’t really want to open the can of worms that would be my game ban appeal, but I got the vouch anyway to show that I could appeal it if I so chose to, so hopefully this will also allow me to rejoin the discord. Ask TG’s Naloac about giving me a vouch. Not really sure how vouches work tbh

@Ruko since you were the banning admin

You can probably just take a picture of them saying “sure I’ll vouch you” or something

not sure what you’re trying to say bloons

Hes telling you to fuck off. It was stated to not even try appealing until you got un-banned.

Appeal your game ban before appealing your Discord ban.