TheMaggotGuy banned by azlanonpc

CKEY: TheMaggotGuty

Admin’s CKEY: azlanonpc

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: MRP

Ban Type: Server

Ban Length: 5 daya

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 01-29-2020

Round ID: 11979

Ban Reason: as Head of personnel, killed an assistant for entering the open door of their office on the mrp server. severe overescalation, do not repeat this.

Appeal Reason: The round had just started, if I remember correctly when an assistant ran up to my line, shouted a copy/pasted set of codewords at me and demanded all access. I assumed they were just badly being traitor so I closed the exit to my line and attempted to summon sec. I don’t think there were any sec members on at the time so nothing really happened to her (I think her name was velvet?) and eventually (after a while) she simply broke out through the windows. Meanwhile, for whatever reason (I don’t remember) I left my office and an assistant followed me into the room. I don’t remember if he first attacked me or disarmed me or what, but he was intent on killing me and/or getting my ID for all access. Eventually he did get my ID from me. I tried to lure him onto the bridge to get him away from my office (I was really tired so my thinking wasn’t too straight) and in that time he gave the assistant traitor in my line some sort of access (probably aa but I have no way of knowing for sure). Since I had been dealing with the traitor assistant and waiting for sec to arrive I hadn’t had time to get anything out of my locker, and I sure wasn’t going to open it while he was there, giving him access to my armor and laser gun if I was too slow. At this point he had been trying to kill me and get my card back (I disarmed him with it in his hand) and I knew that if he killed me there would be a traitor with an AA card able to give AA to anybody who asked and it would be a huge detriment to the station. I didn’t know I had killed him until after the fight, all I knew was that he had finally stopped moving and he needed to stay that way (crit I thought, because it was just fists) and I could finally get my bearings. He got taken off by a borg to sec or med or somehwere, (I never checked) and I went on to suit up, and do my duties.

I absolutely hate it when heads of staff get away with crap just because they’re heads of staff, and when I learned he died I did in fact feel bad, but again, the only way of stopping the threat I had available to me were my fists, and failing to stop him would have given the traitors an absolutely huge advantage.

Additional Information: I’m sure I got PMed by an admin that round, but my internet shut off at around 1:15 central time and I didn’t get it. I apoogize, and I realize I should’ve sought out a sleeper at that point instead of continuing to play and just hitting the X a couple minutes before then.

I don’t know if bumping is a thing or not on this forum, but I’d like this to get looked at before the time for my ban is up, so that if it would’ve been approved (and thus taken off my record), and I make a mistake in the future, this ban won’t be held against me. If the ban is upheld, I really don’t mind waiting a couple of days; seeing Golden when I’m used to the stricter RP of Sage is interesting. Again, I don’t mind waiting, but I’d rather not get a bad record if it would’ve turned out I didn’t need to.

I’ll throw a ping within the admin channels. But, it’s important to note that the only time bans are actually removed from the record are in instances where we mess up. Even if the appeal is approved and your ban is lifted, the actual note from the ban will remain.

Ah. Thank you.That’s informative.