TheMaggotGuy banned by aeder1 and Bloons because of a harmless, all neutral joke virus, that did nothing and had the lowest transmit and cure, aka blood and sugar

CKEY: TheMaggotGuy

Admin’s CKEY: aeder1 and probably bloons3
Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: both

Ban Type: Job (Virologist)

Ban Length: 5 days

Ban Date: 04-04-2020

Round ID: 14221

Ban Reason: “Released a virus full of grief symptoms. Not lethal, but all of the griefer symptoms. “ALL NEUTRAL JOKE VIRUS” No.”

Appeal Reason: Virus was harmless, not intended to grief but to be a funny harmless joke in a greenshift. Hell, I even prayed for the anomalous virus food, so the admins on before this were totally fine with it.
Symptoms were:

Pierrot’s Throat
Did not meet any thresholds. This just made the infected HONK while also saying the word “Honk” out loud. That’s it. Harmless.

–Literally just makes you change color, like if you’ve eaten a crayon. That’s it. Harmless.

Did not meet any thresholds. It just makes you think you’re a wizard that can cast magic. You get flavor text like “You have a strong urge to cast Summon Familiar!” while also saying things like “Abra Kadabra” or other magic words. That’s it. Harmless.

Viral Evolutionary Acceleration
Literally does nothing. It changes the stats, but the did not raise the infection threshold above “transmits by blood” which means I had to infect people manually. That’s it. Harmless.

I had 2 versions of the virus, one with a neutered effect, and one with a different, and active effect. The effects were as follows.

SBG Syndrome (Neutered)
Normally makes roaches crawl out of your face, but that’s horrifying, so I neutered it. Only reason I kept it were so I could have a disease with all the anomalous symptoms. But it was neutered, so it did absolutely nothing. That’s it. Harmless.

The next version had, instead of the Neutered Symptom, this:

Facial Hypertrichosis
–This is the one that makes you grow a Gandalf beard, which is both funny and goes along with the Wizard aspect. That’s it. Harmless.

Additional Information: Was not told to stop spreading the disease until much later, after several bwoinks I thought were just asking me about it. Was also not told I got a job ban, which I learned is against the admin conduct while making an admin report against a different admin.

I literally only learned I got a ban for it when I complained about the weird bwoink on the forums, here:

The reason I’m @ing bloons here as well is because it looks like he was involved in the ban, due to having information on my virus

Yes it was. The flu is more harmful than that. I’d understand a ban If I’d released the flu, but for this? Ridiculous. If chem is allowed to make drugs as a part of his job, which are much more harmful, why can’t I do this?

Oh dear, random colors. How evil and trollsome and interrupting. No man could possibly do his job while colored BLUE. Not like you can cure it from a vending machine and wash it off in the shower!

Only the “incantations” symptom was a thing in my virus, due to not meeting any of the thresholds, and in fact, I recall seeing in a thread that the teleportation symptom’s threshold is straight up impossible to meet.

one of the thresholds does in fact make you clumsy if met, but I did not meet the threshold for that. So it just makes you honk. What a crime. What a troll.

Again, does nothing but change the stats around

Again, it makes you grow a beard. How debilitating, and griefy!

Arguably the later one was “more griefy” due to me replacing a neutered symptom with an active one.

At most should’ve just been told, “don’t infect people with it unless you know they’re fine with it” instead of mass curing my virus without telling me or telling me why or telling me to stop until much later, and then banning me without telling me in game.


I’d like to add that a similar time to this, when in another round I made a joke virus, (the joke was eternal youth but you go through puberty again, symptoms were eternal youth, voice change symptom, accelerated stat symptom, beard growth, and I think inorganic biology, but I don’t remember for sure about that last one) turns out that one of my symptoms (voice change) is considered self-antag due to it literally changing what your name is when you talk (therefore the AI and nobody on the radio would know who was talking), but all I got was a warning bwoink due to it being a misunderstanding. Everything else about it was fine.
Therefore, there is a precedent that it is ok to do this kind of a thing if it’s harmless and you ask first.

Key difference between that round and this one (besides the self antag symptom of that round)
is that this round I was, in fact force infecting people with it, whereas in the other round I was simply asking people and only giving it when they said yes.
However, even though that behavior is wrong, due to the virus being harmless, it warrants at least a warning first, which I never got. And when I was told to stop spreading it (by the ahelp saying, “Are you still spreading that virus?”) I immediately stopped and just sat at the bar area the rest of the round due to my work for that entire shift being useless.

TL;DR, there is a precedent here for at least warning about this, and a precedent that harmless joke viruses are ok, if you ask.

i mean it’s only 5 days

Multiple symptoms which make you valid on LRP but are self-antag on MRP (“first level self-antag”).

but all I got was a warning bwoink due to it being a misunderstanding … Therefore, there is a precedent that it is ok to do this kind of a thing

What do you think warnings are for? Do you want us to punish you over a misunderstanding on a first time issue? If anything, having received a warning once before makes you more likely to receive punishment?

This was posted just today because we’ve needed a guideline to punish virologists who play like bad clowns “Is just a joke, why you hef to be so mad? This joke is funny, it is you who is not funny”


(seriously though one of your points against me was that I commented once on two separate threads and that that was somehow stalking, bit ironic, don’t you think? Also for context I’m referencing a previous comment I made in reply to a comment on a different thread, to continue the joke)

You made a point it wasn’t a big deal so I’m following suit.

the warning was telling me that the Voice Changing symptom was self antag, not that I couldn’t make a joke virus.

Going to have to read it so I can follow the new rules, but isn’t it beestation policy that you can’t be punished for not following rules that didn’t exist at the time?

It was first published back in December publicly and has been used internally by admins for longer than that.

the policy says “Viro diseases, when injected into someone else and with fluid or under transmission, don’t fall under this jurisdiction, unless they somehow spread rapidly (which is not out of the question). Treat those as if they were chems injected by a chemist. This table applies to active symptoms on contagious diseases”
It was blood transmission so it doesn’t count anyway. Therefore Even with the new rules it’s not bannable

gonna go ahead and believe the admin on this one

Edit: wait it was on discord? I don’t use discord, you seriously can’t believe something posted somewhere on a discord server is public and well known server policy. That’s even more obscure than the new rulings

Edit 2: And you seriously dug through months of discord info just for that? Give it a rest man

Imagine not knowing how to search “viro policy” on Discord.

I’m more aware of it than Ruko because I was an admin at the time and they weren’t yet. This was also before all Zesk’s viro changes so there wasn’t much viro griefing and it wasn’t deemed necessary to have a standardised viro policy published everywhere.

Either way admins can still ban on this due to rule 0.

I don’t use discord.

So that’s why everyone is saying you’re in an admin clique

why do you say I was being malicious?

I gave you a can of laughter because you prayed and said that you had mistakenly used all of it up. If you felt that was giving to tacit permission to do things with whatever virus you created using it, I apologize, that wasn’t the intent.

The rest of this report will need someone else going over it.

Well I figured that the admins wouldn’t give me something I wasn’t supposed to use, therefore, I was allowed to use it.

I would like to get this looked at as it has serious implications as to what viro can and can’t do

gonna go ahead and @ a couple admins that I know will look at this fairly, just to speed it along
@Caecilius @Ruko @Kasual

Rule 0 allows admins to ignore certain rules, not ban people because they feel like they should be. It’s for situations where someone does something that’s technically against the rules, but it was funny, fun or improved the round and nobody really got hurt by it.

The reason for the acures allowing reinfection will have been because there was no option to not allow reinfection until a couple of days ago.

I will look into this, but since the stats and symptoms of a virus are not logged, it would be far easier if @TheMaggotGuy and @bloons3 could produce a list of symptoms for the virus that they agree on, along with any thresholds and other relevant stats if possible, but the latter parts are optional.

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this shit inspired me to finally make a pr to assure this isnt an issue in the future

I believe the listed symptoms in this thread are accurate. There may have been one other symptom, but I believe the list Maggot reproduced in this thread is accurate.

I am of the opinion that this ban should be reduced in severity or removed.
I don’t have much more input other than that.