Thekruk banned by wilsonph

Title: Thekruk banned by wilsonph

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I didn’t validhunt. I was assaulted by the ling without knowledge they were actually a ling.
Thought they were a crazed geneticist, as i was assaulted, was stung, and they changed my race, and attacked me, which i escaped. I then fought back, as they had stolen some of my belongings. Nothing was said on radio about it either.
Additional Information:
I left because they essentially ruined the round for me, and i was honestly just tired. Went to sleep.
I usually behave pretty well on servers, not sure what led the ling to believe i was validhunting, as they actively assaulted anyone on their way.

Or atleast, i didn’t INTEND to validhunt. If that makes sense.

This is the thing that gets people: It’s okay to fight back in self-defense, but it stops being self-defense once the attacker is repelled, or combat has otherwise been broken off.

As any job that isn’t an armed and experienced combatant (in this case chaplain) you should generally avoid combat that isn’t either self-defense or forced conscription against a massive threat such as blobs, xenos and war ops.


Ah, got it. I was under the impression since we had essentially no security, i would be within my right to get stuff back, especially if they assaulted me, then ran off with it despite me being in perfect fighting condition.
I’ll be more careful, (if im ever unbanned) about where the line between validhunting, and plain fighting is.

I’ll go over this tomorrow but
I saw you chase the ling all the way from the chapel to the Brig
kinda went a tad too far there.

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Right so
You’ve had three encounters with the ling in total, the locations of which are marked here

First time you saw them in your chapel, yelled out about them making a mess and them turning you into a lizard.
Then you got shot by him in the command hallway, marked as number two. And later he killed you in Dorms, marked as number three.
However, you did interact with other players between these fights and it seems in both situations 2 and 3 the ling attacked first.
I only applied a permaban to force you to come to forums, due to you disconnecting before I could bwoink you. You’ve explained your side of the story and it doesn’t seem like there’s been previous instances of something like this from you, so.
I’ll be reducing this to time served and lifting the ban.
Appeal accepted

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