Thegoodgoos """"start"""" of an appeal for asylum


Admin’s CKEY:Neapher

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one:Both servers

Which server did the ban happen on? there was only one server in my day

Ban Type:server

Ban Length:7980-01-06

Ban Date (09/07/2018): (you really should make this the same format as the ban logs)

Round ID:2199:

**Ban Reason: Attacked a cheif engineer for “he has all access.” Was killed then disconnected. Greifed all round and left when you got your ass kicked? Appeal on the forums. **

Appeal Reason:I am so fucking tired of evading. my apologies to the poor admins who have to deal with my shit

Additional Information:I dont expect to be unbanned, how ever on my most recent alt, archanial suggested I appeal instead of evading, probably as a joke, for one of my alts, jicihes. which he thought was an alt of nascarpilot. I could get a list but I dont think anyone wants to scroll through it, if its requested i will give it though. anyways that’s not the point. the thing is, with alts and ban evading and stuff, you feel like the rules dont apply to you, so you are less likely to obey them. how ever on your main account, you feel obliged to obey them as the consequences are more real. now I know what your thinking A presethtide shitter who has been on more accounts then he can count? you might rocket hot coffee all over your lap from hearing such a thing. to be honest your probably right, I am in no position to ask for an appeal, how ever when archanial said something about appealing instead of evading he mentioned getting a voucher from another server, now unless you where talking about a voucher from byond:// (stupid joke that means local host) I cant get one, because, well, I am banned on all the servers. unless the uber uber secret one counts (no its not l.w.). so what i propose, as I get unbanned from lrp only, and you could put me on ice thinner then graphine. perhaps after a month, you would consider mrp, and then, I might just be able to use THIS server as the voucher If you made it this far, I thank you for giving me your time, please keep the replys civil, as I have a feeling this might be going for a while. and have a good Saturday night everyone!

I am unironically not opposed to giving the man a shot based on the reasons given. If a serial ban evader wants to make a real effort on a single account and intends to use Beestation as a vouch to get into other servers, I think it’s worth trying.

It wasn’t a joke, I meant it.

I can’t unban you, but if you really want to come clean and end that evading bs I think you should be unbanned and put on some sort thin ice.

I agree with ruko on this.

If he just wanted to grief again then he’d just evade as they have clearly shown they know how.

I can’t fault someone for actually making an effort.

Nice, I do not mean to rush you but how long do you think it will take to finish this appeal,?

Until now - accepting this given there has been no negative feedback against it.