Thegoodgoop banned by sumter

CKEY: thegoodgoop

Admin’s CKEY: sumter

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: both

Ban Type: perma

Ban Length: yes

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 2020-07-27 19:19

Round ID: 19100

Ban Reason: Max capped medical as a non-antag with 1hr playtime. Auth. Aeder. Repeal on forums if you think unjust.

Appeal Reason: I have recently read up on the rules and I see that even though I ahelped asking if I could maxcap medbay, and shouted into common that i was going to blow up medbay and then proceeded to count down still on coms, I now see that it was logically still against the rules. as I did damage the station. so it would qualify as self antag or grief. I feel like that one kid with the mental capacity of a frog, who thought they should “test the teacher”. my only argument is I would like another chance. it is a stretch but you can hold me up to the highest standerd and put me on thin ice. I will behave. the truth is I really like this server. we got my favorite band; its bee themed (i am a beekeeper) and its got some old friends of mine. I would appreciate another chance.

Additional Information:
I am sure the banning admin has a massive pp, and they are really goodlookin, robust, and they smell nice :slight_smile:
I know it seems as though i played on it only for an hour, but I how ever do have another account that I lost the password too when I switched from my pc to this crackshack of a laptop, thegoodgoo.


This is a cute appeal and all, but your other account is also permabanned:

The notes on your previous account aren’t that bad, but now that you ban evaded, it will be a lot harder to get unbanned. You should get a vouch from another server.

I’m neutral between vouch or not, I can verify that the story about changing computer is highly plausible, so I’m not sure this should get the full-on ban evasion treatment. That’s kind of an ancient ban too

But those few notes that go other account (6 in 32 hours) with it are right in line with general griefing, and come from the time before Ssethtide when the server barely had population at all. People change, but current ban doesn’t bring a lot of confidence in that being the case.

I did appeal the ban awhile back (before the forums changed) but the banning admin lost track of it, and I was never unbanned. I doubt waybackmachine would have anything on the appeal though i will check if its requested. if you need more details on the computer transfer I am not sure I can help, but I am using wine, linux mint and a whole load of wizardry that may or may not be visible on your side. as for people change but not being the case, I will say I just switched from a mrp round to beestation. and once I heard the vapourion pasta several times my immedient thoughts where “oh, well this is an anarchy server I can do what ever I want… I think, let me check with the admin” which was followed by no reply from the admin making me further think that its a no rules server.

oh! if the banning admin is around for my other account you could ask him