Thebloodydem0n banned by Haliris

Admin’s CKEY:
Ban Type:
Ban Length:
Ban Date (YYYY/MM/DD/):
Round ID:
Ban Reason:
"No Validhunting, As CMO, Went around chasing a dragon whilst weilding an E-Gun and Riding a Borg, Argued none of this was their failt, before saying they were just gonna change Server.
Appeal Reason:
So first and foremost, i just wanna say my behaviour towards the Admin banning me was unacceptable, i was in no right to say “ill just find another server”, i struggle to justify why i said that, However, from this ban i took a long break from Space Station 13, and recently returned, playing Paradise station, From this i have gotten my love for the game back, i feel before my ban i had gotten bored of the same situations constantly, And even then that is not a good reason to Validhunt, Especially as a Head, and one being as crucial as the CMO. Overall actions that lead to my ban are inexcusable, however i am asking for the forgiveness, and chance to prove that i have changed. My level of rudeness towards the admins will never be seen again. I have matured since then, And even though this is jsut words, i wholly plan to show this.

I am appealing to lift my ban, as Bee was my first station, and id love to be able to have the chance to play here again, Bee has always been in my heart whilst playing SS13, it was here i learned how to be a competant Captain, CMO and play the game in general

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Policy demands you get a vouch my man.

Understood, I have messaged a staff member from Paradise in hopes to get a vouch

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Forgot to reassign this one, apologies.

Heya so it’s been 10 days, do you have that vouch from paradise?

13 days have passed and no vouch was provided. Feel free to reappeal once you have a vouch from a reputable server.