The zombie conversion question ( zombie + other antag)

I asked mysefl a question : if a antag gets converted by another antag ( revs, cults, brainwash) they have to follow the converted objectives first or only them. but what about zombies?
Can a zombie traitor for example request to be debrained and cloned?

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While there isn’t the specific wording that infectious zombies can’t do that on the wiki (there might be in the message when you’re turned I don’t know), it really goes against the purpose of that role to willingly want to be cured. I’d compare this to being obsessed, while it doesn’t directly say that you can’t get yourself cured IC-wise you’ve mentally been changed to where you are focused on well obsessing over your target.

Unless Beestation zombies are the ones from Warm Bodies, they shouldn’t really be trying to cure themselves from being zombies

Yeah as Prickly said, i’ve never seen a zombie(romerol, admin event or random midround) willingly walk to medbay and ask to get “cured” you could try to “RP” it a bit the moment you turn and you act paniqued for a few lines, and maybe throw out a couple of lines like “Save me” when you’re bashing to get into somewhere(but in reality you’re trying to eat them) So yeay you have to follow your zombie goal of “eating”/infecting the others

Besides the own crew gets mega scared the moment they see one and they’ll most likely flee or fight you the moment they see you

In the case you were an antagonists like a traitor that got infected the zombie takes over, of course it depends on your objectives the chances to complete them by round end (maybe you already had the sm shard on your bag and your remaining objective is to kill someone) others antagonists like a zombie heretic or ling are “fucked”(lings depends too)

I’d say your chances of being cured are mostly if the medbay crew is competent enough, ideally they should mega-crit you, restrain you, remove the tumor and revive you, but since people gets very happy on beheading, the doctor needs to either re-attach the head and take the tumor out, or take your brain, clone you with an armed personnel with them(since you’ll be clonned as zombie) and normally take it out

Also good chance to ask for all the remaining medbays to get a Quarantine button and to also make the toxicity of the midround zombie event to escalate higher the more time it passes to prevent charcoal/medibot cheese

For the “which gamemode is higher on priority” i’d let an Admin answer that, i know an example where Cult Xenomorphs prioritize cult objective(since lore-wise they’re being dominated by a God) but maybe as Zombie your “hunger” surpasses common sense and rev brainwashing and you could go for other revs. But yeah better let an admin clarify though most situations could be solved upon inspecting context and common sense.

Fun fact, the total purge ability of a ling just get’s rid of the tumor on the spot.

I’ll second this tbh, Out of the 3 zombie spawns I’ve seen while observing, 2 were completely nullified by nanites, the other one, people would just “oh I have toxin damage” and stand near a medibot or chug charcoal until a doc decided “OH ZOMBIE, DUH”, and also nullify it.

As for the main point of the thread. While obviously ahelping is always the best choice, you can use the notes verb to check your objectives. Don’t attack/work against conspiritors, try to complete your objectives still on there, but most importantly, make it make sense you know? Maybe a traitor turned zombie just feels like their objective’s brains would be yummier. Maybe the nukeop turned rev thinks that killing command is a good step in taking over the station and then nuking it. Shit like that.

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Just had a idea, you could make zombie tumors detectible only through the advance scanner. Feel like the basic medhuds being able to see it kind of cheeses it and severely deters anyone from using romeral. While you can argue that this would make things more difficult, all it takes is CMO to not be lazy and scan people or people to pay attention to when advance scanners get researched

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Zombie tumors just don’t show up. The problem is that you can just easily go through the checklist of:

*continuous toxin damage

  • no harmful chemicals
  • no liver damage
  • no brain traumas
  • no radiation

All these can be checked with a generic health analyser and deduced they have a zombie tumor.
It’d be alot more interesting if all of these needed different devices/machines to check.


Yeah, the first time i was victim of it i geniounly didn’t know what was wrong, until a player eventually pointed it out and i went ''ahhhh right it got merged it checks out!"

Also you missed another step: check with virologist thingie to see if it’s a stealth virus!

While it was fun the first couple of times seeing doctors trying different methods, sadly the '“meta knowledge” of “ah he for sure has a tumor” keeps growing and on it’s current iteration of toxin damage it doesn’t play as well as it should

This is why i suggested the alternative of increasing the toxin damage until it straights up kills you, so you don’t cheese it in a lame way and let the gamemode properly play out

Yeah but if the toxin damage just increased, the “severity” of it would go up ten fold, making it so, as soon as someone was taking toxin damage, you’d just put them on stasis and instantly operate, because it would be super meta.

Unless you added other ways to get ghost toxin damage like special stealth chemicals, hidden brain traumas etc

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