The very first discord moderator application

Since there was no template for this, I am just making one up on the spot.

Your Discord Name (Including any alts you have):

How often are you online to play/chat? (Timezone):
Central European timezone, but I am generally available close to all the time. I am much more active on the discord server than I am on any other service related to beestation.

What changes, if any, would you bring?:
Active moderation on discord, and very valuable suggestions for improving moderation work.

How old are you?:
33 years old :flushed:

Why do you want to be a moderator?:
Because the discord server is at times severely lacking in this regard.

How long have you been playing SS13?:
Since 2014 or something like that, I honestly can’t remember.

How long have you been playing BeeStation?:
Since August 2019.

On a scale of 1-10, how skilled are you in SS13?:
Around 8/10, I am generally knowledgeable on all departments of the game, with the only exceptions being probably Xenobio and Circuits.

On a scale of 1-10, how skilled are you as a discord moderator?:
9/10, I am pretty well balanced overall and proudly unbiased, although people can sometimes experience me to be sensitive, like someone who cries over spilled milk, which I can probably do, but it does not affect me to any real degree after I am done crying.

Have you ever been a moderator on another discord server?:
Yes, I run two non-ss13 related discord servers as the owner, one with around 80 members, another with around 150 members, I am also shared top tier administrator on a third server which is ss13 related, currently at 47 members.
I am also a low tier moderator on, a very huge community discord for everything Microsoft-related.

Do you have any alternate accounts on SS13? If so, could you provide their CKEY?:
Yes, I have an original ckey which has been permanently lost to time, it was Yorii with some additional characters that I have since forgotten, I am also the proud owner of the ckey Yaoigirl. Just kidding please don’t bully my choices of the past.

Your strengths:
Very high activity and excellent ability to spot troublemakers.

Your weaknesses:
I’ve been told I can be emotional at times, but I personally think many people misinterpret my sometimes colorful language as an emotional response, I just have a flavorful personality.


I have been told this is in fact the second or third discord mod application, I am so ashamed right now :frowning:


Yeah, that’s not really the first one ever made, but it may be the first one ever accepted? +1


WAIT wait wait wait wait, who can vote for discord mods? just admins?

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I assume it would go like any other application where people of equal or higher rank can vote, since all trial admins or higher are also discord moderators it’s probably those ranks that apply here.

In Opinion As someone who has moderated a buncha discord servers People promoted to mods should be both well liked among the community so I’d ASK of people who view this to also either give a +1 or a -1 Even if it means jack shit in the grand scheme of things

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I would personally love for that, but it might make this thread a tad spammy :smiley:

I actually don’t even think there’s yet a system in place for how discord moderators should be handled, but better late than never right?

Pretty sure there is none.

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I’m also pretty sure you’re right, but hey what better time for writing one than right now? I’ll even volunteer to help! :smiley: