The silent end of an era


How will this change affect this year’s mongolian basketweaving season?

Don’t worry, basketweaving can still happen. Just make sure the nuke doesn’t go off.

Seriously though, what the fuck OP, dynamic is an actually functional thing now.

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I can’t weave baskets in peace, also this kind of throws out our RP environment when there’s constant bs going down and never a moment to chill and talk

also I love the chill rounds where I just clean shit and nothing happens, bye to that

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Maybe there can be quiet moments if we stagger objectives. This means antags know they have an objective, but they don’t know what it wants them to do yet, so these moments are less chaotic, meanwhile antags can prepare during this downtime.

Alternatively we could have the odd 0 threat round here or there to replace greenshifts or limit the number of living antags dynamic can throw at once.

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Extended ruleset should have the same likelyhood to happen.
People had been asking for this for a WHILE now.
Dynameme has a lot of advantages over normal traitor/traitor+ling/etc.
Conversion antags also shouldn’t spawn any traitors or lings, if i understand it correctly.
stop the fearmongering lol

Reminder that it’s not always minimum 50 threat rounds. It can and will be 20 threats or even less rounds, basically greenshit or similar.

Yeah no OP is full of shit.

Dynamic is basically the new platform for gamemode selection, allowing for rounds to shift from one thing to another, rather than its previous everything all at once.

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>Thinking OP is a reddit only term
You need to go back :pensive:


when people forget 4chan.

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This proves they are in fact, a redditor


going back to the topic of the thread however, this just means the admin bus gets to have the fun of forcing gamemodes!

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Now the spider plage and the benos infestation can fight each other

I want to see a clock cult vs blood cult. I know it is possible but I have never seen it

That’s because it’s only possible with admin intervention. Even with dynamic.


Dynamic has been significantly improved over the past 6 months.


Finally the greenshift is dead. :sunglasses:

Not really true

  • Very low threat rolls will still make for green shifts, as there isn’t enough to generate any antags
  • Moderate threat will be like rolling normal antag rounds, albeit with the antags being potentially mixed
  • High threat will be very chaotic, what dynamic is most (in)famous for, but these have never been representative of dynamic as a whole. They just stand out especially strongly.

I would like to remind everyone that almost half of all rounds prior to this change were dynamic. 9/16 or so. Dynamic is a highly varied ruleset selection system designed to scale with security, population, and threat - threat can vary from none to very high, although most rounds lie in the middle (50). Threat can also vary in the amount allocated to midrounds - with some dedicating none and some dedicating all, with most in the middle.

Dynamic scales not only its threat but also what rulesets can spawn based on the current population and security amounts. If there is no security, at most threat levels, nothing except traitors and obsessed can even trigger. Dynamic also has a cutoff for a maximum percentage of the crew that can be traitors, changelings, or heretics at lowpop, and it scales the center of the threat curve based on population, reducing the average threat for the round by 1 for every 1 player under 30.

Dynamic also has an understanding of what midrounds are high impact vs low impact, and only spawns low impact rulesets (like nightmare, revenant, etc) prior to 55 minutes round length, and only high impact rulesets after 55 minutes (xenos, pirates, etc).

Dynamic will also take control of the random events system and prevent random events from triggering midrounds too close to another midround injection - it also features latejoin antagonists (namely: traitors and heretics) that scale with threat.

Dynamic is an all inclusive gamemode management system that shoots the typical gamemode system completely out of the water by adapting to the round conditions and attempting to balance what is spawning and when. It is not the chaotic clusterfuck everyone remembers it for, but it can be, rarely. It can also trigger your average extended greenshift.

The most chaotic of dynamic is when it rolls over 90 threat, this essentially disables Dynamic’s understanding of “high vs low” impact, allowing anything at anytime, and removes ALL security requirements. These are probably what you are thinking of.


People think OP is a thing Reddit invented

god you mfs make me feel so old :sob:

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