The Secret Slav (Lubricant Bob) Player Report

   CKEY: 4rchibald

   Your Discord: 4rchibald

   Offender’s CKEY: The Secret Slav

   LRP or MRP server: LRP

   Offender’s In-Game Name: Lubricant Bob

   Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 01-12-2020

   Round Number: 11376

   Rules Broken: 1 and 3

   Incident Description: It was ling round, we were evacuating, someone bolted airlocks open so I was trying to wall them to save non-ling passengers, suddenly Lubricant Bob (who was not an antag) shoved me, grabbed, pulled in front of still opened airlock and threw me out.

   Additional Information: Had no previous encounter with him (I was a late join, pretty much didn't see anyone until the evacuation), he didn't say anything to me before or during that situation (after I got spaced he commented on OOC  "The Secret Slav: fuck jannies").

There was no admin on, which seems to be a common pattern. Our local robust players keep an eye on admins and when they’re off they’re pushing it to the limit because they are all well aware that in-game reports from previous rounds are never checked and even the ones on forum are often ignored/closed after month or two because logs are gone

I think its worth noting that I was in a round that had Lubricant Bob in it. I observed, watching videos in another monitor. When i looked back, 99% of the station was dead and there were a glut of people in deadchat saying they werent coming back to Bee because of this experience.

He does this every round. AzlanonPc assured me and the other dead of this when he told us that Bob murderboning wasnt against golden rules because he does it every round. Many of us responded that if this is what every round is like, we want no part of Golden.

Thank you for reading, and have a nice day. Suit sensors maximum.

Pretty sure you’re talking about the round that just happened on Golden. This report is about round that happened way in the past, 15 days ago

Round ID: 11924

Offender’s CKEY: The Secret Slav

LRP or MRP server: LRP

Offender’s In-Game Name: Lubricant Bob

Of course. As soon as he gets greentext he starts killing everything on the station.
Obviously he is acting at the edge of the rules but it litteraly butchers the gameplay when 4 rounds I played through last 2 days I was just runned in, either axed, gunned, stunned and finished off while I was just standing or talking to someone else.
During 11924 he jsut runned into mining, attacked me, critted and went to medical. Juding out of OOC chat what was occuring meanwhile his “fun” continued on while he killed rest of the station.

Dont get me wrong LRP is and always was chaos, but I never saw anyone that goes murderbone, hunting people and killing everything in his path as he gets one line of greentext. And there were shitton of traitors/lings who never done that.

this isnt against the rules and never will be

not on the edge of the rules but ok

actually, it decently is. Being a dick is against the rules. However, as a antag, I believe there is nothing we can do against it.

antags are immune from 99% of the rules, including dont be a dick on lrp

You completely skipped

Read before you type.

Antags not being allowed to murderbone was pretty much the primary reason I switched to Sage. If you want less of that (and if you want to avoid Slav, as he’s been permabanned on Sage) then come to Sage. (Even if it’s going through an LRP tide.)

me when hoes so mad I killed them once they don’t even want to play with me :flushed:
also I got permabanned on MRP for turning 3 people into gorrilas bruh

Turning people into other races forcefully as botanist (and i guess xenobio scientist) is self-antag. There’s a good reason you were banned.

As for the first part, yes murderboning is allowed, but it’s still very frowned upon as it basically ruins the round for everyone else.

Edit: though I will concede that a perma seems like a bit much but hey I’m not an admeme and I don’t have the full context so shrug

Glad to see an admin here
I also like the spirit of debate but can we not lose focus?

Slav is indeed a very toxic player, he does murderbone whenever he has a chance and plays shuttle ping pong until he will get every single person that is online killed, even in low pop hours with 4 or 5 people on (which is kinda a reason why golden sits so often in this low pop trap when we just spend half of each day with just few people on having that quasi extended rounds until people will show up, but they don’t want to show up because of crap like this).
His behaviour is really questionable with pushing valid hunting to the limits, killing anyone from any item they believe other person had no right to, including killing captain we voted in during one of these low pop rounds for having captains uniform (while at the same time being the metaplayer who rushes for caps id himself at roundstart).
With his often very sexualized and suggestive messages both in game and on ooc, with him cornering people to ask them ‘sex?’ or describing how he’s coming and cuming on supposedly non-ERP childfriendly server (not that i’m a big fan of this rule but we either enforce it or remove it).
He is known for selfantagging by for example finding and asking cultists to convert him just so he can get that antag status and greenlight to murder that comes with it.

I believe you can do something about it. Few months back bans have been given to most toxic players around that weren’t adjusting to complaints and constant warnings and bans, who were having a negative affect on the community as a whole. And even if you don’t want to go this route you can just properly punish him (and others) the way you should punish someone with same amount of notes for confirmed rule breaking situations. This is report about being grabbed and thrown out the shuttle on purpose by nonantag, lets start here.

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Bob has thrown me out of airlocks for almost no reason multiple times before as non antag and antag, which is really metagamy and the guy terrorises the station every third round as botanist with hundreds of killer tomatoes and gets away with it while others spawn a few passive mobs in space and get punished.
Call me a whining bitch, but Bob’s the reason I prefer MRP, since there I can play without the threat of being chainflashed and killed by him for walking near him every round

Bob has never spawned as many mobs as that other idiot did. Bob is also just another Sprite to robust. Git gud that’s not a reason to ban someone

Give yourself a voice-activated suicide grenade

Imagine not treating death as a learning experience

Can all mass murder

Super old, and I want to see nothing but lock symbols when scrolling through the forums. Slavs currently banned and there is no intent to unban them. Going to reject so I can get that sweet lock thrown up.