The Secret Slav Banned On Discord

Discord ID: ThatSecretSlav#9915

Admin Discord ID: not sure

Ban Type: server

**Ban Length:**permanent

**Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):**Dun’t remember

Ban Reason: I think I posted some cringe ass art of one of the council kikes boning a moth, pretty sure that already happens in MRP doe…

Appeal Reason: I am sorry and I want to shitpost again, pls unban

Additional Information: ahem, fuck jannies, fuck juice

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he dindu nuffin

20 characters

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show me the art :flushed:

So Slav reported about ERP in a creative manner?

What’s your discord, moth, because I don’t know how I will appeal a forum ban

RobotJesus#7507 nerd

Accept fren request because you turned on fren only messaging

i don’t thought? infact i don’t even have a fren ques from you so you bruh momented my username nerd

I want bob back on discord so i can steal his antag…

Can I be unbanned now

What were you banned for exactly?

A crime he didn’t commit

You see it’s hard to just go off hearsay here in this situation, people don’t usually get banned for petty things on discord it has to be quite serious for it to happen. I’ve asked the other Admins and am waiting on a current response.

I posted oganesson and moth cmo NSFW ,art" in general

why didn’t I saw it ??

bump and so like
unban plox?

pretty unfair zesk closed my ban appeal and its not approved nor declined

so about you idk may be but stop saying SEX in ooc

Stfu retard, now stay mad

Unban he, we all done this before
Slav is a important part of the community and what with everyone leaving lately we need our more active members back