The Secret Slav Banned By WhyisCaeciliusTaken(me when it say title taken bruh)

CKEY: The Secret Slav

Admin’s CKEY: WhyisCaeciliusTaken

**Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one:**prob both

Ban Type: server

**Ban Length:**2 days

**Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):**2020-01-03

**Round ID:**11020

**Ban Reason:**Chainflashed the CE and stole his insulated gloves when the CE tried to arrest them for tresspass, then critted, morphined and disposalled the CE for trying to get them back, stealing all of his valuables including sunglasses, telebaton, PDA, headset and toolbelt in the process

**Appeal Reason:**atleast get the reason right plus don’t ban someone for a reason which you yourself state was valid in the ticket
Be me, atmos tech roundstart, rush tech storage for da insoos and flashes, CE comes up, telebatons me, goes in, takes da insoos, I go grab the flashes, flash him, see that he has no insuls on, take off his bag, take both insuls that I find in his bag and give them to chaplain because he’s chad and take my righteus insoos myself, boomer later tries to flashspam me and cuff me, but I get saved by da chaplain due to me giving him insoos and being a chad, get AA and shades in the meanwhile, CE comes back, tries to flashspam me again and disarm me to aggro grab and take off my shades and cuck me but I fight back, hit him several times with whatever shit I find to make him go away, he starts to hit me himself, then I crit him and go heal him, plus morphining him and taking away his PDA with ID, radio, toolbelt and bag which had nothing important in it and disposalling him
mfw this bitch states that it was valid for me to crit him then bans me for it bruh

**Additional Information:**fuck jews and fuck admins, and also fuck nutskeet because this bitch legit tried to delamm SM as nonantag into a singulo 5 rounds in a row bruh and failed bruh

also I didn’t take his baton as stated in da reason, chapchad took it when he saved me from CE’s flashspam and BDSM ERP attempt as stated by him when he said he had a telebaton

theft of this manner is no longer just IC. you’re lucky the ban was only 2 days considering the amount of notes you have on this shit. You can’t just take the chief engineer’s bag because he secured the insuls you dont need to do your job as atmos tech.

did you even read what I stated, retard, he telebatoned me just so I could not get muh insoos, so I stunned him back and got them back, it’s literally IC

CE initiates a conflict by needlessly batoning his own employee. I would say that’s pretty classic escalation right there. Slav had the right to escalate to armed conflict once CE used a weapon on him, and chose not to

a baton is a nonlethal tool meant for this exact use.

Does that make it any less of a weapon, or a potential stun-lock? And does it being non-lethal make it any less of him starting a problem for NO reason other than “I’m gonna be a dick to this atmos tech”?

I’m just trying to point out, Slav didnt start this thang

considering the fact that heads have the telebaton and the authority they do, this is not valid from the very start, in my opionion

like i said, it’s not major, but slav has a history of shittery, so he gets a total of 0 slack

While you critting him after he tries to lay the smackdown on you is debatably ok, the whole repeat theft of valuable and rare items is a big nono. You have many, many notes for this sort of thing, and as a result you’re now getting bans rather than notes.