The Secret Slav banned by Raxraus(bad furry man)

CKEY: The Secret Slav

Admin’s CKEY: Raxraus

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Both, probably

Ban Type: Role, Captain, Head of Personnel, Head of Security, Chief Engineer, Research Director, Chief Medical Officer, Warden, Detective, Security Officer, Assistant

Ban Length: 1 week

**Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):**2019-12-14

**Round ID:**10202

**Ban Reason:**Broke into permabrig which at the time was the last security strong hold as non-antag. Broke windows and walls in perma leading to the escape of a prisoner and depressurizing the perma hallway

Appeal Reason: IC issues aren’t bannable, and I didn’t break a shitton of windows that depressurized the permabrig hallway, people who break out prisoners happens regularly, because you don’t wanna have the same happen to you to sit in a place for 2 minutes because of nuffin, are you gonna ban a guy because he helped another man out?

Additional Information: tfw this wasn’t a valid issue for a ban so he just role banned me luhmayo

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unban me I need to main asseshtant

You literally destroyed the walls and windows in permabrig and you claim that it was IC since it made you valid. Breaking and depressurizing the perma hallways where the last remaining security force reside is considered self-antagging when you’re literally not an antag. Personally I’d keep the ban but I’d like to hear what the other admins will have to say.


i dont care

It’s such a bad thing to do bro, we need oxygen… I’d say ban should stick.

I didn’t do it for no reason bro plus I only broke two windows, one in permabrig itself which had no residents, the second one in the hallway, which had one random guy who was chasing me with a stunbaton, which I destroyed some walls which did only make permabrig more accesible, all of which because I was trying to run away from a sec guy who was chasing me because he hadn’t seen anything that juicy in 3 minutes

1 week is nothing honestly , its xmas you can just wait it out, buy some gifts for your girlfriend or just go outside