The Secret Slav Banned By Kerbin_Fiber

CKEY: The Secret Slav

Admin’s CKEY: Kerbin_Fiber

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: prob both

Ban Type: server

Ban Length: 1 day

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):

Round ID: 10914

**Ban Reason:**Said, “Nigg” which is still just bypassing the filter by not saying the full word, and is still heavily valid hunting. You were told to stop both.

Appeal Reason: First of all, I said it in the heat of the moment because AI upload turrets tazered me after some guy uploaded unknown laws and he could have bopped me, second of all, how the fuck is it still bypassing filter if it isn’t even the whole word, third of all, how in the actual fuck is it valid hunting, fourth of all, you didn’t even bwoink me, fifth of all, you didn’t tell me to stop both, retard, SIXTH OF ALL, fuck you

Additional Information: pls unban I aem sorri…

Why is this an issue?

I was told that he was going to the point of fully stripping people on suspicion of them being an antagonist, especially when he’s not playing Security. Which was the case again this round.


Also, the reason why the “valid-hunting” aspect is in the ban reason, is because he went into the upload, took whoever was in there, cuffed em and brought em to maint. Then said something along the lines of, “You’re going to have a horrible rest of the round.” I can get the real statement real quick.

Also “Nigg” isn’t allowed because of this,

Along with spoonerisms, deliberate misspellings etc of the words

What he misspelt figg and you punish him?

Wow really niger really?
How do you sleep at night

smh bro I wasn’t even trying to say the word, IIIIDIOOOOT
also validhunting isn’t a bannable issue, bruh…if you don’t like what someone does, then don’t, it’s your problem

[2019-12-31 20:57:49.566] SAY: The Secret Slav/(Lubricant Bob) "now prepare to be cucked" (Fore Maintenance (131, 177, 2))
[2019-12-31 20:57:51.573] SAY: The Secret Slav/(Lubricant Bob) "for the entire round" (Fore Maintenance (131, 177, 2))

I don’t see him mis spell fig in there

smh bro you broke the rules and you got shit for it, IIIIDIOOOOT
also validhunting is a bannable issue, bruh…if you don’t like getting banned, then don’t, it’s your problem

I fixed it for you :slight_smile:

He literally admitted to doing it


Uninvited cringemin is uninvited. Idiottttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

And valid hunting on LRP is definitely not bannable, it just makes you valid in turn.

Killing antags and valids only makes you salads.

What did slav do after cuffing that guy and bringing him into maints tho?
So far what he did wrong was cuffing people randomly (Effectively on par with randomly damaging people for literally no reason), and holding people as hostage as non antag.

Do not confused valid hunting with arresting as non sec bro.

How this n word rule is being enforced without being official is cringe as fuck, but while waiting for the statement (That will never come out so they can keep it.), whatever.

uh bro you know abducting people for 5 minutes is ok as non antag ever since zoey complained about it

Me when, me when admin doesn’t know the rules and thinks validhunting is a bannable issue
Also this all took place on LRP bruh

Zesko literally told you to stop validhunting on this scale and yet here you are

Don’t be a follower
Be a leader

So what? Valid hunting isn’t against the rules.

At the length they go to, it’s a breach of rule 1.

Steal insuls
Get called a tot over comms
Have some clown named Lubricant Bob start attacking you
Get critted, stripped, and maybe healed by him.
Insuls gone, tools gone, your good shit is gone
Go to take your stuff back
Now you’re dead

Ah slav causing controversy and shitposting where ever he is… god bless.
also can i just say you are the n-word and its fine?

That’s not valid hunting, that’s just over escalation and self antagging caused by valid hunting.

Either way, was just 1 day ban and is over. Closed and denied.