The Secret Slav Banned By Kerbin_Fiber (set roleban as perma bruh)

CKEY: The Secret Slav

Admin’s CKEY: Kerbin_Fiber

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: LRP

Ban Type: Role, AI, Cyborg, pAI

**Ban Length:**Perma

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):

Round ID: 11988

**Ban Reason:**While you are still a silicon and, yes, those people are non-human. You need common sense. Non-humans are still players and actual people. Going out of your way to kill someone just because they are non-human is an asshole thing to do.

Appeal Reason: >cuck a nonhuman because he entered armoury which is a high risk place for which people are valid for entering, also fun fact people are valid if you see them disable one cam :flushed:
atleast get the ban reason right and don’t banbait by spectating someone and immediatelly ban them when they do something without bwoinking them beforehand, bruh!

**Additional Information:**god kerbin is retarded :flushed:


Wait, so you re saying that kerbin banned you for killing NON HUMAN as BORG. While that non human was in the fucking A R M O R Y. Yikes. Bee administration is dead :flushed:. Hugbox :face_vomiting:


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Both of these reasons are wrong. Slav isn’t banned because he perma’d two people who stepped into the armory. That was IC. The real ban reason is stated and you’ve elected to ignore it.

That’s the real ban reason. A breach of rule 1, toes on the line of rule 3, and drops rule 7 completely.

Rule 1 essentially says 'Be nice to each other," or Don't be a dick. Like most servers have.

You went out of your way to kill the man, stripping him of everything and spending a minute to break a window in perma just so you could make some glass shards on the ground that would enable you to kill him, since you took his shoes off.

I was completely fine with you harmbatoning him three times previous to this.
You saw him in the armory, harmbatonned em and took them to perma. All IC.

Then you made glass shards specifically to kill them on the sole basis that you had Asimov laws and they were non-human.

Completely fine if they were a non-human antagonist. Which they weren’t. Both of you were crew members.

Which brings me to my next point.

He’s not just a non-human, he’s another player and other players have rights just like you do. You dropped the ball on that one and have left the ball out of the court for quite some time now.

Yeah, I understand that they were in the armory. Yet you’ve been using “they were in the armory so they’re valid.” excuse even when that’s not true to this situation.
I can pull up the logs and show everyone just how many times you say that you are “going to kill non-humans.” You were saying it the moment you got in the round.

Which takes me to my last, and final, point.

You still have a watchlist entry for extreme bullshit that you pull, “Just to kill some valids.” The only reason why that’s still on is because you’re behavior hasn’t changed a bit. You’ve constantly have been toeing the line in all matters.

Since both you, Slav, and Joe, have been a trailadmin at some point, you should both know and understand that constantly toeing the line will result in it being treated as you have broken the rule.

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I have done similar things. you come to armory as a fake hos or something/someone without legit access and you are non-human EXTERMINATE EXTERMINATE EXTERMINATE EXTERMINATE EXTERMINATE Blares from the intercoms as the AI locks down armory and kills you to prevent human harm. Which is fine as its not being a dick its common sense to kill or arrest as the situation dictates when people do very valid things.

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Oh, and another thing I forgot to mention, from the rulings,

Do not prepare to be a dick in law intepretation 24/7.

You cannot assume all non-humans are harmful to humans under asimov to justify a racial cleansing

Prisoners cannot be assumed harmful, unless evidence to the contrary exists

You were fully prepared to be a dick and kill any non-human.
Which breaks a ruling.

You were speaking about killing non-humans since you got in the round.
Which breaks a ruling.

You had arrested the man and put them in perma, fully stripped.
Which breaks a ruling.

Prisoners cannot be assumed harmful, unless evidence to the contrary exists

He was wearing HoS clothes in the armory :flushed:

Nice to know that you’ve ignored the fact that Slav had the man completely stripped in perma, rendering them defenceless.

I mean, if I broke into the armory as a regular human HoS would have done the same MAYBE sans the glass shards, provided HoS knows what he is actually doing

I think im getting off topic bruh

This is a Silicon ban, not a server ban

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Does that imply that you shouldn’t cuck an antag because he’s a player too? :flushed: The guy I killed was the only person that round I bopped as a borg and he was nonhuman, so I didn’t break any laws, banning for rule 1 is just an excuse to ban someone that you don’t like, should I have left the guy in armoury to pick up every gun available, leading to possible harm which breaks my laws directly? In my understanding, you banned me for killing someone that could lead to human harm, which I am supposed to prevent with my laws :flushed:
Also speaking about killing someone isn’t breaking a council ruling, as that’s just talking and not doing the thing yourself, because that’s just retarded
I too can say you speaking is breaking admin conduct because you ick ocked :flushed:

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Your arguments about this prove everything Kerbin has said. You had a non antagonist butt naked in perma but you killed him anyways. You have far far far far far lost the spirit of the game and opted for TDM instead. It’s not cool and no one likes it.

that and the captain is the only person who can approve the execution of prisoners

Yeah if you kill someone thats stripped in permabrig and clearly not a threat because he could do human harm i dont know what to say…

Silicons are immune to rule 1 within reason, same as 3 and 7. This was ruled as silicons could have laws uploaded that may violate these said rules, while still not being an antagonist.

This is why borgs/ai’s/misc silicons were, under kevs own opinion and ruling, pseudo-antagonists that do not have normal esculation if their laws do not prevent it.

Please stop hugboxing, thank you.

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Also, asiimov literally states BY INACTION allow a human to come to harm, if a non-human was breaking into the armory, and was stealing LETHAL WEAPONRY, it is safe to assume by you not ACTING, that he will cause HUMAN HARM, and it will be your fault by your INACTION.


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Speaking about non-humans and killing them isnt against the rules. “Do not prepare to be a dick” is an invalid rule for silicons as even by existing, you are a dick.
“Prisoners cannot be assumed harmful” - factually wrong considering 90% of permabrigged people have access to chairs (weapons) broken glass (broken lights) spears (from broken computer monitors, cables and glass) and bolas (from cable coils and metal).
You are factually incorrect, please stop kerbin.

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Literally silicon policy states not to be a dick. You’re an idiot and go away

which silicon policy? yours or /tg/ lmao

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