The Secret Slav banned by Bastian

CKEY: TheSecretSlav

**Admin’s CKEY:**Bastian0930

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Prob golden only

**Ban Type:**server

Ban Length: 1 week

**Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):**2019-12-05

**Round ID:**9877

**Ban Reason:**Killed someone for seemingly no reason, left before bwoink. Appeal on

Appeal Reason: I only killed one fucking person which was a contractor, bruuuh. I critted another guy because AI called him out and some other guy called him out on comms plus saw him literally hack out of sec which is kinda based doe

Additional Information: tfw kill an antag, critt another guy but we healed him afterwards and he DC’ed because he kinda valid doe, and stay on for 5 mins before leaving because I didn’t even get bwoinked once so I thought I was good to go and do my shit

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He was helping me this round as I was the HOS and he infact only killed a traitor and attacked some chemist who left the game after we healed him so we left him in a cell after killing the contractor he left after giving the baton to a sec officer so this ban smell like poo poo bro

you realize


hearsay doesnt make people valid

its bannable…

We literally buested the guy while he was hacking into brig with two water pot grenades bruh

also stop validhunting valid hunting is extremely fucking gay

They killed a traitor, which is the only way to get rid of them, and crit/healed a chemist breaking into a high sec area wielding hull-destroying grenades with permission of the HOS himself.
What he did was completely okay and you shouldnt be making a scene in his appeal

This is litterally hearsay. That’s bannable. I’d have to check logs, but at least one was invalid

Also tfw I am pretty sure I hit him a couple of times, alfred stunned him, we cuffed him and healed him then we did da chad sec and luuted him after he went AFK, plus the cuck literally has a player report about him, his name is arthur fleck…
Pls unban misa want to play speshman

Fr bothers me how the circumstances seem so convenient that an admin could completely make a ban based on personal reasons (tho i’m not saying that happened to u or me).

If nobody responds to a bwoink or leaves before it, it can be a perma ban. If anything, it’s a little weak.

Getting xlyana to lower it to 1. Resolved.

Lowered. Have fun.