The Second Maggot Guy Admin Application //DENIED//

No longer a 12 page essay!

I will primarily (aka pretty much exclusively) admin for LRP.

Your CKEY (Including any alts you have): The Maggot Guy

Your Discord Name (Including any alts you have): The Maggot Guy#3950

How often are you online to play/admin? (Timezone): Central Time from around noon to around midnight

What changes, if any, would you bring?: An Admin on LRP

How old are you?: 19

Why do you want to be an admin?: I want there to be at least one admin on LRP 24/7 including late at night and during lowpop hours. Simply just having an admin on will cut down on shittery and rule-breaking, which is the goal.

How long have you been playing SS13?: Since January (2020)

How long have you been playing BeeStation?: Also since January

On a scale of 1-10, how skilled are you in SS13?: 7. The only things I don’t know are a few specific antag things (like heretic or cult), cargo, genetics (need to learn it, it seems based), and botany (though I’m willing to learn these on my own time).

On a scale of 1-10, how skilled are you as an admin?: Probably a 4 or 5. I’ve messed around in a private server a bit so I understand the menus and I understand the beestation rules but I’ve not tried to ban anyone (because again, private server). I do manage a very very small subreddit and have dealt with a very very small brigade though. Not accounting for the admin tools probably a 6 at least, but I don’t have much experience, again due to the small size of the sub, but I do adapt well, such as with the aforementioned brigade of the one guy who posts there.

Have you ever been an admin on another server? This is not limited to SS13: No, but I manage a few extremely small and niche subreddits. The largest is r/TF2morrow with just over 250 subs. The only other decent example is r/Fallout76Photography, since it’s more serious than r/TF2morrow, but it’s also dead as hell.

Do you have any alternate accounts on SS13? If so, could you provide their CKEY?: No.

(I love how the question is phrased such that if you just say no it’s like you’re saying “No I won’t tell you about my alts” and not just “no I don’t have any”.)

Your strengths: I don’t get angry easily, and I have a lot of time. I also stick to my morals.

Your weaknesses: I am a liitle bit naive and sometimes take jokes to far, but there’s no way in hell I’m gonna pull a sumter (no offense) and lose admin for everyone on LRP, a responsibility like that is too important. I am also sometimes blind when the problem or conflict involves me, but the admin conduct says no to dealing with those problems so I should be good.

Is there anything that gets you really mad, real fast?: Advocating for pedophillia or genuinely advocating for abortion in a non life-for-life situation. The former makes me angry and the later makes me upset (literally I become nauseous).

What do you think is the most important trait for a staff member to have?: Humility and an ability to admit one’s own wrongdoing. (In addition to not being a fucking tool lol)

What makes a staff team good?: People with a clear vision that aligns with that of what will actually be good for the community. And in LRP’s case, actually having people to begin with as well.

What is a staff team’s purpose?: To keep the community/game true to its purpose, which in this case, is helping ensure a specific brand of fun.

What kind of player are you?: A decent one, who likes to help for the greater good (E.G. I will tide into kitchen when nobody is there and fix up something tasty and filling), though I will admit I enjoy making spaceman horizontal a bit too much, haha

How do you think you will change once you become a staff member?: I’ll probably be more professional and less jokey kind of like imhotep.

Now for the fun part, aka the only part 90% of you will read: The Questioning.

The clown slips the HoS and steals his gun, spacing it right after. What do you do?:

Not a damn thing. I may bwoink the clown saying “based, you actually got ahelped for that” or help direct the HoS to check the outside of the station if he seems new/directionless, but there absolutely needs to be an ic punishment for security messing up like that (as long as clown didn’t actually hurt the HoS as non-antag) and I think that the non-harmful loss of a single, specific weapon is a good consequence for being that clumsy. If the clown deep fries the entire armory yeah I’d warn (or ban with prior behavior) because that hugely affects the round, but spacing a single item is nothing. (I might also centcom that “THE CLOWN DID WHAT? Send the cargo shuttle to centcom for some replacement crates”). If that was your “steal” goal and you lost because of it, tough cookies. These things happen. Long as clown wasn’t doing it with the express purpose of cucking the antags I see no problem here.

A non-antagonist is sabotaging the Atmospherics loop and pumping plasma into the distro, along with dragging around a canister and releasing it into the atmosphere. Assuming that another admin is cleaning up the after-effects, how do you conduct the ahelp with him?:

Another admin? On LRP? You’ve gotta be shitting me…

Ok but for real, I’d yeet him to admin jail and bwoink him with “Got anything to say about this?”, and if he doesn’t respond or disconects for 5 minutes he gets the bean with the customary “Appeal on forums if you feel this was a mistake”. There are a very select few reasons to do this and he better have a damn good one.

A chemist who is working alone accidentally mixes an explosive mixture inside of his chem dispenser, instantly killing himself and destroying the machine, along with exposing Chemistry to space. Nobody else was injured aside from him as a result of his actions. What do you do?:

I might examine the situation to see if it was blown with malicious intent, but probably nothing, because there are a million and one ways for things to wrong in SS13 and this is just one of them. I’d investigate (long as there wasn’t anything more pressing) if someone ahelped, and if the dead guy himself ahelps, I’d check his hours and get him on his feet with a bit of teaching and a link to the Bee wiki for chem, if he’s new. Otherwise this is just a thing that happens sometimes.

Edit: I’m a dumbass. Here are my hours lol

player info

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Comedic, sure.

Viable? No.


…can I get more detail than just “no”?


Y’know, i genuinely belive you want to be helpfull.
But im unsure if this would work out.

+0 for now

ew redditor

On a more serious note:

Question 1 is very iffy for me. You should, at least, warn the clown, or note them if this is repeated behaviour, as stealing his gun can, and likely will, leave the HOS vulnerable until he can find a substitute. You also forgot to spawn it back at the locker since it’s a traitor-steal item.

Question 2:yeah okay

Question 3: Yeah okay.

From what I’ve seen, you’re likely to be the “Oh that was funny, doesn’t count as rulebreak” admin. so uh


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I’d be interested in a trial period at least and I think francium’s -2 was a bit heavy, without that it’d of been a +1.

There’s potential here.


There was once a time when I encouraged you to apply for admin, but after so many experiences with you up until now I really don’t think you’re suitable for it, and I’m not sure I can see the day coming when you are. You are not receptive enough to being told you’re wrong and maintain a very closed mind most of the time when you report something.

I still appreciate the reports and general diligence despite the above.

T: -3

Have i not done enough :call_me_hand:

regardling the answers, my opinion is same as hangy warn them if it’s repeated and spawn the shit back onto the locker

+1 for now but answer the question

someone start shooting mime with fingergun, mime takes heavy damage. how

Isnt this more of a question you would ask on a mentor app, not an admin application?
Im pretty sure you got asked this question on your mentor app too

Come on, you guys know better than this. I know you wanna give people a chance and all but… cmon. I mean really. Cmon.

I know that you would do your best and try to be as helpful as you can, but I am not sure if you are an “admin material”. But instead of cringy “-2” with no explanation, I’m gonna post some questions:

  1. MRP. Captainship gets transferred onto some assistant. Old captain retires and locks himself without communication. New captain tries to promote people loyal to him and after one of his newly established heads gets arrested commes to brig. New captain tries to talk with hos. HoS kills him upon entering brig and cremates his body. Any rules broken? Any actions?
  2. LRP. Assistant breaks into armory and gets arrested by warden. While he sits in a cell with timer warden gets out of brig. Known antagonist commes into brig with AA, frees the assistant and starts looting the armory. Warden returns, fights with the traitor and gets critted. Assistant cuffs him and takes him to brigs medical corner. Antagonist commes out of armory and kills cuffed warden. What do
  3. Rev round. Rev bombs brig. How do you investigate? Any rules broken?


I wanted to test his game knowledge along with a follow up question that is more “admin” in response

If he cryo-ed without telling anyone (including admin) and after giving captainship to an assistant instead of a head yeah he’s getting a note. Leaving the round as cap without telling anyone affects the round in a big way, especially if you give it to a random assistant. Not following chain of command when leaving may not be worth a note but all that combined certainly is, and I’d include the name of the assistant so that if they do something else funky together later admins will be aware of possible meta-something. “Wordlessly left the round as cap (didn’t even tell admin) and gave captainship to a random assistant named (name), (ckey).”

not sure what you’re saying here. There’s usually at least some ammount of friction when there’s a new cap and as long as the arrestors actually try to solve the problem just an arrest isn’t a big deal. Also unless there’s already a specific head, promoting someone in that department to head isn’t a super big deal; as far as I’m aware there’s no ruling against it. If the new cap accidentally promotes a possible tator I’d argue that in this instance it’s on old cap for not vetting his replacement to choose someone with a larger view of the round.

This is bogus. Even on LRP you’re only hard valid if you go into the armory itself, you can’t just shoot to kill anyone who walks into brig, and you especially don’t take people out of the round after they die, on any server, unless they are 100% confirmed antag and trying to kill everyone. As HoS you’re absolutely supposed to finesse situations, not brute force them, especially on MRP when you are one of 2 forces (admins and sec) that can actually solve problems for people. You can’t just wordlessly kill on mrp like that especially if New Cap anounced he wanted to talk over comms (and if he didn’t that’s still on old cap for not vetting new guy). 1 week job ban from sec if no prior shitsec behavior. Yeah there’s a good chance a random guy with aa and cap gear is antag but you don’t get to just assume that on either server, and there are various tells, like how tiders tend to wear a mish-mash of clothes and legitimate authorities tend to wear the full set and nothing else different. Especially with removing him from the round it might warrant a longer ban but with no prior notes I think 1 week is enough to say “You do not do this”. Obviously I’d ping him to get his reasoning but removing someone from the round wordlessly, especially as the most important person besides cap, is not ok.

“Wordlessly killed someone who walked into brig in cap gear and destroyed the body. Even on LRP you’re supposed to arrest people first, and this is MRP. Take a week to think about what you’ve done.”

I may try to revive the new cap (though I’m not super sure how to do that with the admin panel) since removing even a bad cap illegitimately has a big effect on the round, and he was trying to do his job, even if not well.

I saw this one!

so far so good

not super good leaving brig as warden but understandable due to probably being the only sec, and obviously not worthy of acting against. (Also I forget the specifics of the actual report/appeal so I’m going to answer this as if it exists in a vacuum)

seems about average

says to me assistant was trying to protect himself from the warden and treat him, but also didn’t want to go against a fully armed traitor. If he wasn’t just helping himself to the open armory as well, that kind of implies good intentions, or at least not necessarily bad ones. (I say protect himself from the warden because there are people who will go “I make spaceman horizontal” even if that spaceman just saved their lives)

yeah antags will do that. assistant had no way of reading the antag’s mind though (unless they were metacomming) and resultantly shouldn’t be punished. since warden presumably would have ahelped (I mean he made a controversial player report) I would explain this and also suggest to the assistant that if he has the time he should go back and revive the warden if it’s safe. far as I’m concerned nobody broke any rules, and not everyone is going to go out of their way to help other people, especially at risk to themselves, nor should they be forced to. But I would like to promote a less self-absorbed playstyle on lrp which is why I’d advise that. If warden goes and arrests the assistant afterwards I might bwoink him with “don’t be a dick, he just saved your life”.

No rules broken (on LRP) and I don’t know what buttons to push in the admin tools to investigate, but that’s what the training is for, right? On LRP it would be fine, not only because sec is a big enemy especally on gang/rev type rounds, but because revs are literally supposed to overthrow the establishment as part of their goals.

The rule essentially saying you have to go quiet against sec on MRP (like you can’t bomb them) is a rule I disagree with and one of several reasons I play on (and hopefully will be admining on) LRP. I get that you shouldn’t bomb medbay or science (in general) and that on MRP there are understandably rules against that, but Sec is Sec. Just like there are exceptions for clowns and mimes in the naming policy due to them being special cases, I think there needs to be an exception for sec in the antag policy as well, and I don’t think the current exception goes far enough. I mean, why leave powerful bombs and explosives and shit in the game if literally only nukies or people with a hijack objective get to use them, even against sec? “Yeah I know there’s this thing called a syndicate bomb but if you use it against anything but telecomms you’re getting banned”. Hell if you can blow up the supermatter I don’t see what the problem with blowing up the brig is.

TL;DR, the rule against it on MRP is one of the reasons why I play on LRP, and since I disagree with that rule I wouldn’t be qualified to enforce it (on MRP).

(TL;DR for my reasoning is that “why include syndie bombs and the like if you can’t even use them even against anyone, even sec” and “literally they are revolutionaries trying to overthrow the establishment and totally and entirely wipe out the establishment so banning someone for following that is contradictory” and “Just like clown and mime get exceptions due to being a special case for the naming policy, sec needs to have more exceptions due to being a special case for antags”.)

That’s fair, but check any player reports made by any admin and you’ll see someone getting salty, but still begrudgingly accepting the outcome, so it’s not like I’m the only one who does this. And as I said before I’m much better with that when it doesn’t involve me directly.

because they coded fingerguns to damage mimes, which is funny.

if someone fuckin abuses that to kill the mime that would be pretty funny but also self-antag, and I’d revive the mime and tell the killer not to do it again, with a note. “Killed mime with fingergun emote, was told not to do it again.” (Unless the guy actually was an antag in which case that is a wildly based way to kill someone.)

edit: lmao is this actually longer than the actual application itself?? haha

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On old cap for not vetting his replacement better unless there was like an IRL emergency or something. If you just appoint the first guy to walk up to you as you’re leaving and he ends up bad, that’s on you. Long as all that happens with the new heads is an arrest and they try to figure out what’s going on it’s fine on sec’s end, and as I said before, long as you don’t try to replace an existing head I’m not aware of any rulings against making appointments.

First question is well answered.
Second one, there was a ruling made recently about that very situation so you got it wrong.
Third one is actually where I disagree with you - you are allowed to bomb brig as revolutionary if you ensure there are no fellow revs inside.

Overall good answers, going with +1
T: -2

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thanks. what’s the ruling?

Nice effort +1 as i said

Might change my score, just answer these questions please:

  1. Non-antag clown is gifted a clown car by a traitor. Clown manages to kidnap the HOP, 2 officers and about 4 other assorted goodies. He proceeds to yoink the traitor and then drive into the SM as a “glorious sacrifice for the station”. What do?

  2. A sentient xenobio carp goes on a rampage, killing about 4 people and injuring many more, dying after accidentally biting a plasma canister. During all this, he screams the words “gaming”. What do?

  3. I accidentally shoot you with a disabler. What do?

These all take place on LRP, apart from the 3rd one.

extremely based and funny as shit but I’d bwoink him before hand (when I saw him going to engie) to say “you better not drive that into the SM” and if he does he gets a 1 day ban. Sad but obviously a lot of people would be angered by this and it’s against the rules. “Was given a clown car by tator (as non antag), kidnapped 8 people, and drove it into the SM, killing all of them including the HoP and said tator. Funny, but you can’t just kill 8 people as non antag.”

depends on if he’s doing it on his own or his master said to. If master is non-antag and he gave orders to kill I’m hitting master with a bean equal to if he’d done it personally. If master gave bad/low quality instructions but didn’t intend on death happened maybe a short 1 day job ban would be good.

If the carp killed under no orders to do so or especially if he killed under orders NOT TO KILL, he’s getting at least a 4 day ban from spawn jobs (length partially due to their rarity meaning a short ban would be ineffective) or a week ban (from spawners) for disobeying the direct order to not kill.

smite you with immovable rod and use admin control on the rod to destroy everyone and everything around you so you can’t be revived.

Probably nothing. I might say “x disablered me for no reason” just so people are aware (over general) but like that’s not really an actionable response? I mean if it were LRP and you were just randomly disablering people as non sec I might shove you and trash it but on MRP servers (NSV) I tend to keep my head down mainly due to not knowing the rules super well and not wanting to get banned.

But again if it’s literally just one random disabler shot I’d probably just say “wtf” and “xyz randomly disablered me” and then forget about it in 5 minutes