The sandwich is still there and i don't want to touch it anymore

i tried to pick it up

the bottom of it was black and slimy and it stuck to the desk and i think my fingers felt weird for a bit after i touched it

You got AIDs now bro. F.


nah, HIV/AIDS would feel much more painful, i would know

plus, i don’t have any open wounds on my hands, because HIV is bloodborne which means it can only be spread by blood or sex

What the frick is that thing. Get gloves, a 49 and a half foot pole, and a hazmat, and throw that thing out. Maybe wash the inside of that drawer too.

it’s at my school

i don’t think you know about the previous sandwich yet

I don’t think I want to know.

You are fucking creating scp-610, stop before everyone ends up like this


get some insuls and put it in disposals so cargo can sell it

is it still there bro?


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