The Powergaming Problem (MRP)

Powergaming is a problem everyone always complains about in MRP when they lose in a fight or don’t have something they want.

Powergaming is when you seek out shit like guns and armor for no reason as non-sec, and similar reasons.

Due to the nature of the server, being run on /TG/based code, and MRP, it’s a fairly heavy action server, whereas HRP servers tend to have very little action.

Due to the nature of SS13, the various threats faced, and the pace of it, it shouldn’t be unreasonable for normal crew to have self-defense items or weaponry. Having full on security weaponry, fireaxes, death nettles, et cetera is obviously unreasonable.

However, things like sunglasses, flashes, fire extinguishers - I feel like having small items usable in combat is fine, especially given how traitors and IAAs have access to things like energy swords, bombs, armblades, resonant screech… The list goes on.

While security exists to deal with these threats, they’re not always… good at it, willing, or even there to begin with. Given how the rules currently are, it’s trying to be HRP. Crew are currently forced to be easy prey for antagonists, and antagonists can usually kill crew if they have no means of defending themselves extremely easily, without having to worry about any consequences, such as them being able to flee or call for help. If crew are actually given a chance to fight back, they might be able to call for help before being killed, decapitated, cremated, gibbed, et cetera, or simply make their attacker flee and lick their wounds. The goal isn’t for normal crew to be able to kill every antagonist that attacks them, the goal is for crew to not be so defenseless as to make it so antagonists can slaughter the crew with minimal difficulty.

I’m not asking for a weapons rework, I’m asking for a rules rework. At the very minimum, crew should be allowed to carry small self-defense items such as fire extinguishers on blue alert, since there is a credible threat to the station, and thus, crew. Security won’t always be there to stop the crew from being murdered, i.e a traitor hacks into atmos and kills their target atmos tech inside with an energy sword - nobody will be looking there or near enough there to hear it happen. However, if the atmos tech has, say, a fire extinguisher or flash, they can flash their attacker, steal their weapon, and flee, or if they have flash protection, whack the assailaint a few times, potentially disorient them, and run off or get enough distance to call for help. Even so, that gives the attacker a good amount of time to decapitate their target and run off, but it’s much better than someone being silently murdered.

  • The rules need a rework
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Powergaming is not a new concept to Bee, it’s a rule for RP in general. If we step back from Bee and look at what Powergaming means to Role-playing in general it would probably be something like this:

To seek or acquire an advantage that is out of character for you to seek, possess or use

A good example would be your Lawful Good Paladin seeking out some vile poison to sneak into an opponents meal before a duel. Yes you could do it, you would be victorious, but it doesn’t suit your character

Bee is not HRP though, it’s MRP with a basic set of RP rules and we don’t allow character quirks to bend those rules like most situations involving role-play would. Under a serious role-playing setting, you could be a psycho that murders people just for kicks

This means you follow set guidelines about your character and then fill in the gaps.

As a non-security & non-command crewmember, you’re not an experienced soldier. Do not rush into danger without reason.

Do not collect dangerous items, weapons, or tools “just in case”. Do not wear a hardsuit, riot suit, or similar bulky/uncomfortable armor for the entire round.

You don’t have the freedom to decide your character is paranoid about X so they can get away with something that would be powergaming to someone with a different set of quirks. Everyone is treated equally


This has absolutely fucking nothing to do with personality or character quirks?


Powergaming is defined as stuff you need to not suck my cock in a fight :flushed:


Powergaming has a definition outside of Beestation. What is and isn’t powergaming in a roleplay environment has everything to do with character quirks and traits (literal, not the things you select in character creation here) that was the entire point of my post.

Power gaming on Bee doesn’t apply to special quirks and is already defined in the rules. If you rush something for self defense before you have a reason, then you’re powergaming. That’s our rule here because individual quirks don’t apply. Nobody has character sheets to justify what they’re doing.

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This leads to lynch mobs that validhunt antags.

If you’re a player, you already have improvised weapons, like your fists, a crowbar, or a welder.


Just delete this whole thread, then. I don’t feel like dealing with the forum drama anymore.

Funny how I was thinking of something similar like this a while ago. It is unrealistic to disallow people to secure low class weapons (flashes, stun prods) when code blue happens. There are known threats on the station and anyone in their sane mind would arm up. Without turning MRP into LRP you should allow some form of weapon grabbing. Obviously flamethrowers and shotguns are out of the window but job specific weapons (death nettle, chlorate hydrate, etc) should be allowed once code blue happens.

But don’t mind me, I do not plan on going on MRP anytime soon for the sake of my clean note list staying clean so my words do not matter anyhow

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You still can’t parade around in a combat mech or other such, but self defense is a reasonable concern once people have started disappearing into maints and blood trails are showing up.

When someone has already gotten flash, sunglasses and cuffs as non-sec by the time the roundstart HoP-line has formed that’s a different story.

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If you want to start fixing this then ban Mimo for it already.

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Pro-active adminning basically doesn’t really exist right now, and only happens if someone is observe-adminning. If you think someone is breaking this rule, make a report with round ID and details, or ahelp it when you see it happening.

While the player reports are currently way behind due to lack of volunteers, reports are eventually handled.

mimo doesnt unless hes a antag from what ive seen. hes also very robust and its scary

Every time i queue as a clown with mimo, he shoves and steals your shit.

if you manage to table him or creampie him he’ll come back with a flash and cuffs and grudge you the rest of the round. dude is powergaming like crazy and he will assault you if you dare touch the cakehat.


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If this happens on LRP, then it’s probably valid baiting because they want you to attack them back so that way they can valid you.

If it happens on MRP, then you should ahelp it, since it sounds like less of a gimmick and more general shittery.

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It’s on MRP. I’ve sent some a-help mainly when caec is on.

He usually says he’s looking into it but I don’t get any feedback as to why he doesn’t get a note or something similar. Last time was regarding me inquiring about him literally assaulting people for having his cakehat, but it got resolved with no feedback provided.

Just deep fry the hat, to be honest

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i dont want to be grudged the rest of the round when i do my clown riot gimmick :see_no_evil: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

but it is a chad move

If it happens, please ahelp it.
NT doesn’t hire crazy people that attack others randomly. Stuff like that isn’t a gimmick, it’s just being a shitter.

Funny that you make this post after having a player report put on you talking about how you blatantly power gamed

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Wait you guys don’t carry fire extinguishers on mrp :flushed: ?