The not-so-subtle art of Loud Antaggery (Discussion)

So, loud antags. The kind of antags that drive the round, bring stakes to rp and allow for new, exciting situations. The kind that give sec something to do. And the kind that very few try to do these days. I wanted to discuss: How can people loud antag in the most engaging possible way, and what can be done to make people more comfortable with doing it?

(Partly made this because people got really bored of the standard go obvious, and then battle sec when they come after you route, and so I want to know what else I can do that people might enjoy.)


From my experience, (which is specific with the shop since I don’t often go on killing sprees). I just make it as obvious as possible to everyone that I have spicy stuff for them to use (and for sec to raid). Not for me to use.
Making something available to the people instead of gaming it all for yourself can result in good RP.
Also I tried the other day asking for everything I needed, this ended up with me going on small side missions to acquire people the items they wanted in exchange for my objective (like the datadisk for example)

Basically, be loud, but don’t kill anyone and everyone. Nukies do not generally need to kill non-combative assistants after they have been found.

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Trying to match sec’s firepower can be a good way to make battles more interesting, or coming up with creative tactics using things other than guns or swords.
Basically, if you want an engaging fight, do something other than bum rushing down the hallway at the fleeing captain

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always good to have a shtick as a loud traitor, i think. Like the dreaded Bee-Man or that guy who played the Pyro from TF2. Makes it more interesting when it’s a whacky character slaughtering men than just Catherine Brown with a DEsword glued to her palms


Agreed, as a security main i’m always more fan of facing against a loud antag that has a clear gimmick and rack some kills (innocents or security) than fight a random person that goes d-esword+nanites+xenobio+whatever to be as unstoppable and efficient as possible (And those are the ones that insta call you out on LOOC if you do ONE minor space law infraction while arresting them, like c’mon dude lmfao)

As long as the antagonist have unique gimmicks, gives a fair scenario for victims and people they combat against and don’t go min-max into RR them a.k.a you kill one officer and you incinerate them rather than purposedely leave their sensors on (or disable them but leave them in a public place to give them a chance to come back) then they’re doing way better than the local d-esworder


I am shite at hand-to-hand combat so I try to get friends. Most often the AI or Borgos as I am often in Robotics. And subverting the AI is always engaging for all of Command, especially if you fuck up and don’t do it sneakily. Yesterday I did the AI code extraction… on the fucking arrival shuttle because of shits and giggles.

Also using a shuttle CAN be engaging if you shit talk in-character to Command and Security snd they actually mobilize and hunt you down with their own shuttle WHICH IS ALWAYS AVAILABLE!! Use it, Sec!!

or a guy in a monkey suit… OR A GUY IN A MONKEY SUIT!!


I’ve started to try and go loud as often as i can, but I’ve found it is often hard depending on what objective and job you’ve got. Like just some days ago I got the objectives of stealing a shard of the SM and steal a hand tele as an atmos tech, managed both within 15 minutes then I had nothing to do than normal for the rest of the shift other than normal atmos stuff.

I think people are also just really scared of giving themselfs away as a tot, since people really dont know how to fight or hide from sec in a viable way. Yesterday I used ttvs as my main tool to kill my target. Sec and command soon pusseld it together and found it that, I the promoted RD, was the only one who could have done it. So i ended up having to fight a gurilla war against sec, teaming up with any other tot i could find along the way. I just wish I had been more engaging over the radio to sec, so it would’ve been a true roles reversed die hard 1 situation.
I feel also that the last objective, escape alive on the shuttle, makes people not want to go loud since the chance of dying or getting caught skyrockets. People should just try to fight sec and not care if they greentext or not, its honestly more fun than any of the objectives you get. Also have a backup plan if they take you alive, like either something to help you escape (BS capsule in your shoe with tools) or just a bomb with a vocie activator it makes getting caught way less frustraiting.

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When planning for something big as a tot, you might need more time alone without being interrupted by security, so If you see a well known seccie in you departament and you want to get away with something illegal try bribing them most of the times it works)

When I’m revolting Cargonia I bribed countless officers to “go take a break… Maybe visit the bar”


I can confirm. I had two bombs on me and when I knew the end was near I decided to go out with a bang, killing both arresting officers.

If you hand me a box of donuts and tell me to go to the bar you bet your ass you won’t be seeing me until I turn up in medbay.

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I dunno, I was an antag and openly warned crew to stop killing monkeys in the halls or the monkeys would send a retaliation attack and dressed up in a monkey suit and ONLY killed monkey killers and it’s still considered murderbone antag despite it being solely for the gimmick and focused solely on people slaughtering monkeys. Its hard to be a loud antag and silent antags aren’t fun, friendly antags aren’t fun. People get mad at loud antags but they are a core part of the game, sometimes you lose and die too bad.

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