The "New Rulings" announcement is hard to find and very long. I don't think people should be expected to know these in their current state

Okay, as a new player joining beestation, its very easy to find the rules. You get a message in big coloured text telling you to make sure to read the rules and the rules are very brief while covering mostly everything, giving the impression that these are all the rules there are to follow.

Then today I was looking though the forums and stumbled upon “New Rulings”, which is not linked to the rules page whatsoever nor is there any indication outside of stumbling along this post that these rulings exist. I would think the admins would be enforcing these as rules the players are not expected to know. However, there are straight bans going out for things not against the normal rules or common sense.

While writing this I joined the MRP server and asked people if they knew about these “New Rulings” and quite a few said they did not.

“OOC: Dannyjake1234: No what are they?”

“OOC: Brother_jeff: really should be in the rule page”

“OOC: LogMonkey: Believe me, you’re not alone in thinking it needs to be on the rules page.”

So I thought of some possible solutions:

1: Don’t expect people to know these rulings, don’t outright ban people for their first infraction against a ruling. Slap them with a warning before progressing to a ban for these rules I would think a large amount of the sever population has no idea they exist. Of course exceptions for those obviously trying to be shitters.

2: Shorten the rulings up, polish them up a bit more and add them to the normal rules either by adding more numbers or by making more tabs than “LRP” and “MRP”. Such as an “Additional Rulings” and “Silicon Policy” tabs which have section markers so you can easily find what you are looking for. An example would be a section on the science department or xenobiology.

Seriously, being punished for rules you do not know exist is dumb.

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I actually got banned for this at one point and fully agree

I’ve also brought up putting this at the bottom of BOTH rules pages and not just the LRP rules page. It’s beyond my ability to do more than ask someone else to put it there.

OOC: LogMonkey: Believe me, you’re not alone in thinking it needs to be on the rules page.

This line was from me. I use LogMonkey when I don’t intend to be actively resolving tickets.