The new curator ghost buster kit

Bruh you can just straight up tell them the antag with it, this item seems kind of based

wait what this is a thing?
haha time to play curator and rp some ghosty stuff

You get ghost goggles and a ouiji board

i love this.
this is good more things like this

You could ask who the antag is but you will most likely get back nothing useful

Its already been used to give away cult and a malf AI, this thing is broken since you can write things like ‘MALF’ or ‘BOB’ on it.
It would be alright except from the fact that ghosts have metaknowledge and can see everything

Edit: Even the wizard ghosts can’t do that.

Ghost goggles are fun. You get to see if my trial-min ass is haunting you checking logs.

ass edit

yea ghost goggles are cool, but the ouiji board is just too based for me