The Medical Department

I don’t know if I’ll get any replies, but ask me questions about medical. I want to see whether I should enable CMO in my preferences or it’s too early for me.

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how do you heal a husk

If it’s not a ling husk you remove the burn damage with tend wounds and then pour a lot of sythflesh over it. If it’s a ling husk you remove the brain and place it into cloning

synthflesh heals the burn anyways but yea how many hours do you have in med

how to be useless for the duration of the entire round?

51 in medical, 31 as a doctor, counting brig phys

yea then thats way more then enough

if you can also make tricord in chem or plumbing setups then even better

I’ve made sythflesh factories a couple of times

How to stop chernobyl man from killing everyone in medbay

Got a couple of questions, just out of curiosity.

1: What’s the most effective way to heal each type of damage?

2: What’s the disadvantage of Perflorodecalin?

3: What’s the best chemical to treat critical patients?

4: In the aftermath of a slime anomaly, you have a patient with massive clone damage. The Clown has stolen all the cryoxadone and has emptied out the synthflesh from the cloner. Genetics and Viro are intact, but chemistry has been completely destroyed in a explosion. Assuming that you have plenty of time to treat your patient, how do you restore them to health?

  1. Styptic Powder and Silver Sulfadiazine from sprays for brute and burn respectively, charcoal is good for toxin damage and removing the ice from cryo stings, perflu and salbutamol is basically mute and quick vs slow but speaking
  2. It mutes you when in your bloodstream
  3. Epinephrine stops the oxy damage crit patients get
  4. That one I don’t know

for 4 I think he meant cellular damage which is commonly called clone damage because a unupgraded cloner gives you cellular damage

1: Hoping for a mention of Rezadone (for clone/cell damage), otherwise good.

2: Wrong. It doesn’t mute, but deals slow toxin damage, 0.3 per tick.

3: Atrophine, 4 times better than Epinephrine. Heals 2 of brute, burn, and toxin, and 5 oxy, plus decreasing losebreath.

4: I was thinking of a brain transplant (with a corpse/humanized monkey), possibly with an UI+UE injector to perserve identity.

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Yes, cell damage, sorry.

Ask the patient to wait in one of the Patient rooms. Give him some charcoal and make pentetic acid to give to the patient. Optionally make potassium iodide pills for all the other irradiated spacemen

actually why not cryo it heals all cell damage pretty quick

Cryo’s fast, Rezadone’s instant.

Good, but having an irradiated patient wait in medbay is a recipe for disaster. Radiation is the gift that keeps on giving, it contaminates everything. Get them to wait in a secluded area, remove any contaminated items, and to take a shower. If they’re an engineer of a biological race get the bartender to make a Screwdriver Cocktail, it purges rads very quickly. Also have Mutadone on hand, for any mutations.

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The pills from genetics are like 50u or some shit, so dissolve that into a large beaker that has some water first rather than take 50u in one fucking go.

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