The Maggot Guy's Tomatotide Mentor Application

Your CKEY: TheMaggotGuy

Your Discord: The Maggot Guy#3950

How long have you been playing ss13?: Since January this year. Actually it’s been exactly 7 months today.


Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?: A bunch of admins probably, all the people I tried to save as CMO on LRP. For specifics probably @Ruko or @aguyiguess

Game Experience (More Detailed): I know most of what there is to know about the service roles (aka how to jannie well and get the janicart upgrade, how to make a couple foods, and how to make various drinks). I also know how to do surgery, how to make and cure a virus, as well as make the vaccine for it, and all the ways of reviving someone who has died. Only roles I really don’t really know are cargo (any part), botany, mining, and science (as far as knowing what the important techs are goes).

But I can make any borg, robot, machine, I know how to borg people and make computers and fix IPCs, and with the new tide of players from the recent twitch streaming, we need mentors, especially since a prominent LRP mentor (aka one of the few mentors who play on LRP) just got banned.

Right now we’re at just over 50 people but nobody is a mentor. That’s not good.

My hours:


Maggot Guy: Become Mentor


im the most privileged shitter, here is my +1

has more hours than me and I’ve played longer +1 if I was a mentor

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I thought you already were a mentor? +1 from me too

T: +3

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Nice. Now I have to make a sbubby with that like I did about borging


I used to be mentor so this +1 has some meaning behind it but unfortunately can’t add to the total.
Also, do you main any role? Every role you showed is at like, 1%-5%, nerd.
cool guy tho so u should make him mentor :smiley:

Thanks. I guess I’m a service main with a minor in sec and med.

You have the hours, sure, and some general knowledge.
Not knowing cargo, botany, mining and science is a bit weak tho. Is there something you know a lot about? e.g antagging, antag items (very important this one) or something else?

Quick fun-e question, how do you replace the power cell of a finished mech.

Other than that, still, +1 because I know you’ll answer questions and be able to answer most of said questions.

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1+ yes 202020222222220

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Well I do know how to mine, just not anything beyond the actual mining part. And I do know what the parts do for the computers and stuff that sci researches, just not the actual researching part.

it’s more of a mid-high knowledge over a wide area of things. Like I may not have every recipe as chef memorized but I can make a large variety of foods from scratch and have improvised a couple times by making fried egg sandwiches and things like that. Or like with med, how I know how to bring anyone out of crit or death, but I haven’t played chem for a while so I don’t remember the chem recipies of the top of my head anymore. I am however somewhat familiar with a fair amount of the antag items however, and I still remember how to make foam bombs lol.

You know, I’ve never actually built a mech? Probably because I played on MRP exclusively up until recently and building a mech as non-antag isn’t allowed (because powergaming), and as antag I didn’t have the patience to wait till they were ready or learn how to build one.

Buildings mechs such as riplies for miners, gygax / durands for sec, ody for medical, honks for clowns is not power gaming. You never built one? The wiki luckily has the steps.

+1 from me, hes been around a while and seems like the kinda person who’s knowledge would be useful, also LRP mentors

T: +7

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Gonna bump so I can help people and maybe the tide will stay and make LRP higherpop because they actually know what to do

Also thanks for all the compliments lol

hope those hours are nearing 666h
There is enough potential here.

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bumping because it’s been a week. @GameAdmin


You’re insufferable, but you know your stuff.

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+1 Sure why not

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+1 annoying guy but still good hours

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