The Maggot Guy banned from OOC for "Stirring up trouble and borderline ick ock"

CKEY: TheMaggotGuy

Admin’s CKEY: @CerebralLolzy

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Both, it’s OOC ban

Which server did the ban happen on? LRP

Ban Type: OOC

Ban Length: 1 week ish; till the first of august

Ban Date: 07-25-2020

Round ID: 18989

Ban Reason: Stirring up drama and borderline ick ock

Appeal Reason: TL;DR, it’s a full 1 week ban for just arguing, which stopped when everyone told us to shut up and take it to the forums, based off of “prior ICK OOC notes” which turns out to just be a 6 month old OOC ban for one hour. Although I did do the borderline ICK OCK (told people the IC name of the person spamming about their “massive cock”, also relayed something funny the AI said) that’s not really worth a full week ban, only a note IMO

Fuller Context:
I mention something funny in the OOC about how the AI told me to eat its ass, and for some reason fearchan pipes up about how “Can maggot stop whining about the AI for 2 minutes”. Tell her to chill, tell everyone else she’s just salty about her player report (she was AI another round but I’m not getting into it here), she continues saying I’m “always whinging about her” and at this point I realize she was the AI this round. But I mean, her AI name is “B.E.E.P.”. Besides the fact I already don’t remember what IC names tie into OOC usernames, “BEEP” is really damn common. I say this in OOC, she says “You remembered it enough to make a player report” I respond, “Well yeah you violated law 1 and let a non-human kill me after they said multiple time they would kill me”. We argue back and forth, she accuses me of being a shitter, I defend myself, people tell us to shut up and take it to the forums, so I shut up.

Later on fearchan starts filling the chat with “UwU” and “OwO” and “You’re just jealous of my raging girlcock” and people start demanding her IC and OCK head on a plate, so I tell people she’s the AI. I report her, and then I get told “You both were dealt with”. Confused, I check the bans and I’m given the same 1 week ban as the person talking about their “raging cock”. Bruh.

Obviously I ahelp so that I don’t have to make an appeal, which goes nowhere, and it’s apparently because I “kept escalating” instead of just letting fearchan accuse me of shit and staying silent, and because of “prior ICK OCK notes”. Looked at my admin remarks, hit ctrl+f, and the only thing mentioning ICK, OCK, or OOC is something from 200 days ago for only an hour. Bruh. Also apparently he consulted @Ruko on this because he’s trialmin or something, IDK. I did make a lot of ahelps about it, and got muted, but I didn’t want to have to make a forum post about it (rip) and figured I could solve the issue in the actual round when the logs were still fresh.

Additional Information: I’m not log diving again because every time I do it’s a massive waste of my time because they never get used, but here are some of the bwoinks I got


– Administrator private message –
Admin PM from- Cerebrallolzy : I saw the stuff… waiting on Ruko to say something on it
Click on the administrator’s name to reply.

– Administrator private message –
Admin PM from- Cerebrallolzy : You both have been dealt with… stop inciting stuff between you too. Bury the hatchet
Click on the administrator’s name to reply.

– Administrator private message –
Admin PM from- Cerebrallolzy : You both just need to stop the shitposting toward each other. It seems one of you takes it serious. Ill just leave it at that.
Click on the administrator’s name to reply.

– Administrator private message –
Admin PM from- Cerebrallolzy : You egg the situation on instead of descalating and ahelping. As I said you both have been dealt with. OOC is meant for friendly conversation not what ever the fuck you two have been doing.

(Why would I ahelp an argument doe)

– Administrator private message –
Admin PM from- Cerebrallolzy : Well I guess I am back… ever since youve made that report against fearchan youve just been a shithead trying to make them break rules so you can tack onto the report. Im sorry but it just seems really childish. The whole situation that is. You both should just bury the hatchet.

(ask them what they’re talking about, don’t really get an answer)

– Administrator private message –
Admin PM from- Cerebrallolzy : But instead of stopping the conversation you decided to continue it to the point where they did something stupid(which they got punished for) and then you icked in the ock. You have previous notes for this which is why you get 7 days. There… thats the whole situation and its stupid and could have been avoided had you just sucked it up and said nothing.

(You can’t punish me for something someone else said doe, I didn’t hold a gun to her head to make her say that)

Literally out here getting punished for stuff someone else said and an ICK OCK note/ban from 200 days ago

You guys keep arguing in OOC and no one wants to hear it. I told you guys to shut the fuck up because that’s what the forums are for.


The Maggot Guy: he has mentioned before that he hs the big gay and he is now saying he is woman hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Zoey x Fearchan simping war who will win shipping time
The Maggot Guy: ok real talk if you dont belive in gender you actually have mental issues
The Maggot Guy: ok its time to stop

Picking a fight with someone you have a proven record to dislike, and something that could easily be interpreted as transphobia.

The Maggot Guy: he is the ai

In response to someone asking who they are for purposes of meta-killing them for the discussion

The Maggot Guy: til law 1 doesnt say prevent humans from coming into harm but says humans unless they’re mean
fearchan: aww
fearchan: sad
The Maggot Guy: dig your grave my dude
fearchan: go write another short story about me on the forums

The Maggot Guy: ai wants me to eat his ass
fearchan: ick ock bruh
fearchan: can maggot go like
fearchan: 2 seconds without bithing about what ai does
The Maggot Guy: lmao fearchan
The Maggot Guy: chill
The Maggot Guy: he is salty about his player report

That’s not actually what happened. Like, that’s actually false. Me saying “he is the AI” occurred while fearchan was spamming about her “raging girlcock”, and was not anywhere near the argument. Literally, after the argument, OCK had a full discussion about mcdonalds, then another discussion about hotsauce, then another discussion about pissing on the moon and/or in lake michigan, when fearchan brings up gender by saying “have fun swimming in gamer girl pee” which morphs into “be mad that my raging girlcock is massive”, which garnered the response of “what’s your IC name so I can kill you” and “He is the AI”

these weren’t all in a row, and the last two were about completely different things. Fearchan says something about “hnggg it’s almost as if I can be every gender and none if I want” to which I respond with the gender comment, then she says “be mad that my raging girlcock is massive”, then says “owo” and “uh oh… my big futa… girlcock… is expandinggg… aaieeee” over the course of several messages. After ALL that, I said “it’s time to stop”. Her stating an opinion and me saying “it’s time to stop” are completely unrelated.

Log for proof of what I've said so far

OOC: fearchan: hngg its almost like gender is shit

OOC: fearchan: and i can be all

OOC: fearchan: or none

OOC: fearchan: at my leisure

OOC: The Maggot Guy: ok real talk if you dont belive in gender you actually have mental issues

OOC: Cboyjet4: agree 100%

OOC: fearchan: be mad that my raging girlcock is massive

OOC: fearchan: lmao imagine believing in gender

OOC: Aguyiguess: fucking girlcock lmao

OOC: fearchan: owo

OOC: Aguyiguess: no

OOC: fearchan: uh oh

OOC: Aguyiguess: die

OOC: fearchan: my big futa

OOC: fearchan: girlcock

OOC: fearchan: is expandinggg

PM to- Admins : please no more nsfw

OOC: fearchan: aieeee

OOC: Cboyjet4: what is your ic name i want to beat you to death

OOC: The Maggot Guy: ok its time to stop

OOC: The Maggot Guy: he is the ai

yeah this is minor ick ock, but it’s minor ick ock after 200 days and hundreds of hours of NO ick ock offenses whatsoever.

I also joked about taking fearchan’s (brought up by her) itchy ass tumors and frying them up and calling them McNuggets, doesn’t mean I actually have that opinion. It’s just a very shitty joke that didn’t go over well. Sure it’s a shit joke, but shit/cringe jokes aren’t bannable.

I literally do not care what people identify as, but if you refuse to accept that gender exists when it’s experienced by over 97% of the entire world population, you’ve got a problem. That would be like if a person with full colorblindness refused to believe that color exists because they themselves don’t experience it. Straight people aren’t attracted to the same gender, gay people aren’t attracted to the opposite gender. Just because YOU don’t experience that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

Sorry, I didn’t realize it was annoying till people told us to shut up, which is why I didn’t bring it up or continue after that.

How? Maybe I’m just being a big dumb here but I genuinely don’t see how what I did is considered picking a fight. Also, I don’t thnk I saw fearchan in between the player report round and this one. I join the game and fire off a stupid morrowind reference to all pdas, and the AI tells me to go save some plasmeme in interrogation. I tell him no because “I don’t speak italian, outlander” and he tells me to eat his ass. Not realizing that the AI is fearchan or even looking at the AI’s name beyond just “AI” I joke in the OCK about how the AI just told me to eat its ass. Fearchan pipes up about how I’m “always whining about the AI” to which I tell her to chill, (so on and so forth, etc etc). Like I said, I’m a big dumb sometimes (like not realizing our argument was annoying everyone else) but from my view fearchan was the one escalting. I make a joke, she says I’m always whining. I tell her to chill and that I don’t remember every name I play with, she accuses me of holding a grudge enough to make a report. I defend myself by saying it was justified because she did X, she sarcastically goes “boo hoo, don’t complain because someone stopped you from being a shitter”, I point out that that’s what I reported her over and she was digging her own grave, and we both get told to shut up.

Sure I’m not a big fan of them because they called someone a f*ggot when they got angry, and they’re extremely dismissive of a rulebreak because “I was a shitter” but I don’t go out of my way to antagonize them.

Edit: wasn’t me they called a fggot, I get called "The Fggot Guy" or “Captain F*ggot” (my main username is Captain Maggot) all the time, at this point it would be like if somebody called me a “poopy”, aka I don’t care

The Maggot Guy: he is the ai doe

OOC is literally logged publicly in discord. Everyone can see a full history of your conversations. This happened right after the shit that got fearchan banned, which was a direct result of you telling them they had mental issues.

I have smoothbrain a lot of the time and I’m also constantly on so more hours= more chances to mess up

I try to not make the same mistakes twice though

Sorry, smooth brain moment. I thought you were saying that I told people her ICK name so they could kill her for us arguing. A ban/note for ick ocking her name when people want to kill her is valid, but because it was about erotica I don’t think it’s worth a ban for a full week.

I mean they themselves say it was just them trying to make a dirty joke over in their ban appeal thread. Fearchan OOC ban? (dirty jokes oof)
I don’t think the two are related.

borderline ick ock, but also starting and perpetuating fights with them in general that nobody wants to watch.

distracted by ongoing meeting, have not been reading your full posts btw

feel free to take your time lol

ngl I thought you were saying there was some sort of chat forum called “general” that I started fights with them in lol

yeah getting bapped for this is valid but I just wanna say this is some chaotic good energy maggot’s radiating here

otherwise uh yeah maybe a day or two ban from OOC because a 200 day old 1 hr Ock ban is a pretty flimsy justification

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i don’t think a week ooc ban is a recipe to dissolving a conflict… i’ll say three things: fearchan is definitely an asshole, the maggot guy does not know when to stop, and cereballozy can have clouded judgedment

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So personal attacks against other community members. One of course against me when I wasn’t even present for this occurrence. I don’t know who Fearchan is because I don’t think we ever exchanged a word to each other. But whatever traits they may have they deserve respect and to be accepted.

@TheMaggotGuy Transphobia isn’t just hateful, it’s also dangerous because these people already deal with dysmorphia. Imagine how different your life would be if every day you woke up to see someone who you don’t feel isn’t you staring back into the mirror. The feeling of being robbed of your ‘real’ body. This causes major depression and a plethora of other issues that are absolutely at not fault of their own for trans people. Your adding to that only makes it worse for them and we’ve seen that Trans people without acceptance are much more likely to self-harm and make attempts on their life. While that number greatly drops if they are simply respected.

I beg you to stop this behavior because you will hurt someone someday with this kind of talk.

Gender is a social construct, sex is biological. Gender and sex are not the same things. This is why most languages on Earth never even had gendered based words. Genders are created and adopted by cultures and there isn’t even a limit of a binary system to such. Think of it as, like money, there are many that are used today or have been used that are no longer recognized. But money itself isn’t real even if physical presentations of it exist like a coin. The coin is real but the money is nothing more than a fictional concept that you and I both agree to pretend to have some if one or both of us refuse to accept its value it becomes worthless to us both should we try to make a trade involving it. Gender and the expressions that come with such are very much like that.

@Ruko Hi hun, I hope you read this comment too. Because I think this topic needs to be discussed on how we handle it. Like I said to Maggot, transphobia isn’t just hateful but also dangerous. With the number of active players Bee has it would be a very statistically improbability that we don’t have at least some trans members of our community. People that could really be affected by this kind of talk.

I think you should discuss with the rest of the staff to make a zero-tolerance policy on transphobia. Because a trans person’s life is worth more than a hateful person able to make terrible comments or some edge lord seeking attention.

I’m sorry, but I have never ever seen you in game at all. Maybe it’s just that we have different time zones, or just co-incidentally happened to be like this, but either you play very, very, very little or none at all.

I’m asking this to see if Zoey even has some form of reason to try and stir shit up.
You’re throwing out a lot of opinions, some of which make you hateful yourself.
Case in point:

All lives are equal, don’t bother.

There’s been only one post by where you weren’t antagonizing people; and even then it was still you arguing.

Saying “simping war” wasn’t intended to be a personal attack, just a shitty joke. Sorry if it came across that way.

How dishonest of you, what I clearly said was this…

And you quote mined it cutting it off at hateful person removing the actual context behind what I said.

At this point you’re just full of shit; the part I didn’t include doesn’t even change shit, you already said hateful person.

You don’t even play on the server, you just keep peanut posting everywhere, literally everything you said has nothing to do with this ban appeal.

I literally played on LRP just a few days ago. I am not on often as I use to be I admit, but I am still an active member of this community. Not that even matters what is right and wrong doesn’t depend on how active a person is in a community. Those rights and wrongs remain consistent with or without any of us.

You clearly quote mined me because you didn’t even apologize and show no remorse just as I expected. You showed your hand and what type of person you are.

@Ruko Can you please do something about this guy?

I’m allowed to refute your “”“arguments”"" as much as you’re allowed to “”“post”"".
You added nothing to this thread but a stupid wall of text.

Just go back to twitter

apologize for what? Calling out your dumb logic, where you are saying this guy’s life is worth less than somebody elses because of his opinions / you misinterpreted what he said?

What did you add to this thread that wasn’t already said or has a point?

mfw I get OOC banned for essentially peanut posting and borderline ick ock and then my ban appeal gets peanut posting

Yes. If you feel like the whole world is against you and bigoted and evil that would cause anyone to be depressed. But accepting that you aren’t normal, and learning to live with that is the first step to being happy. If you’re in denial and keep acting like everyone else is the one with a problem, you’ll never learn to live with yourself. Screw people who believe mental/neural issues aren’t just as valid as physical/disability issues. But if you believe that your personal experiences of life are the only way anyone has experienced the world, then you’re living in denial and there’s no way you’ll learn to live with the challenges you were born with.

I think she’s saying that “a (trans) person’s life is worth more than letting some guy make comments” she just worded it badly, which makes it sound like “a (trans) person’s life is worth more than the life of a person who makes bad comments”

she actually often times posts on ban appeals like I do. She just has very strong (and occasionally weird) opinions and constantly posts them too.

yeah, both of you need to quit it. this is for my ban appeal not trans whatever


Bumping because I’m not waiting for the ban to run out