THE MAGGOT GUY ADMIN APPLICATION-- I spent 2 days on this, please read it

Your CKEY: The Maggot Guy

Your Discord Name: The Maggot Guy

How often are you online to play/admin? (Timezone):

From just after Noon till just before midnight, central time

What changes, if any, would you bring?:

An admin with nothing better to do than play SS13 all the time who wants to help stop the shittery, aka, an admin who’s on all the time. As for a less literal response to what I’d bring, I have a fairly unique and balanced worldview that usually results in me taking a “middle of the 2 points” view. For example, although the rules need to be enforced absolutely, punishments may be lessened or changed if the actual impact of the rule breakage is minimal.

It also occurs to me, that my less serious playstyle on MRP, while remaining consistent IC, seems to differ from a lot of other people’s opinion on MRP, and so my laid back willingness to allow silliness, as long as it is IC and within the rules and not dickish, will probably change the face of MRP to an extent. At the very bottom of this app are my views on MRP and what it’s for. A TL;DR is that LRP seems to exist as a way to play the game from a gameplay standpoint, whereas the rules on MRP serve as a safehaven for the stories I enjoy participating in to actually occur. By actively enforcing a “think before you act” and “think of your character as unique from yourself” attitude, it allows the interesting interactions and fun stories to actually occur, whereas a “shoot first, talk later” attitude actively stops it.

For my views on Powergaming, as that’s the hot debate right now and adding another admin will change it somewhat, see the bottom of this post.

How old are you?:

Older than 18, younger than 21. Don’t want to say the actual number as I am a streamer (with essentially no viewers, but that will change over time), and I don’t want to give out info that could be used to find me in real life.

Why do you want to be an admin?:

I personally feel that my unique perspective and ability to remove myself from a situation will allow me to solve a lot of cases fairly, and my sheer amount of hours will allow me to be available quite often when nobody else is on. I think I’d be able to positively affect the outlook of players on how Bee is run.

How long have you been playing SS13?:

Since January.

How long have you been playing BeeStation?:

Also since January.


My friend showed me the Seth video (sorry) and since then I’ve had even crazier and better adventures than in the video. As for hours, I’ve got almost 500, 486 to be exact, split up as 402/84. I’ve done a lot of crazy and fun things in my time here and now I’d like to give back. I’ve done enough ahelps and been ahelped enough to have a good understanding of what is and isn’t in the rules, and I think I’d be a good fit for this server.
(The “been ahelped enough” part was referring to stuff like when I was a simple mob ordered to protect my master, and a few people ahelped what I was doing. Ruko okayed the behavior, thus clarifying the rules for me. I’ve had a few other bwoink experiences like that, and they’ve been good examples of how I’ll need to act and handle things should this application be accepted.)

On a scale of 1-10, how skilled are you in SS13?:

Depends on how you define “Skill”.
TL;DR, technical skill is about 6-7, Robustness changes with the wind

Sm Setting up is at a 4, no complicated ones but I can get the power on. Some of the jobs are at a 0 due to me pretty much never playing them (botany, cargo, genetics, regular science & xeno), but overall I’d say 6-7 ish. For Med: 4-5, I can heal a guy or surgery him but not do anything fancy, For sci, a 3 as I can research/navigate the menus on the RD console (but that’s it), unless you count robo which is an 8. For Engie it’s a 4 for the SM and a 7 for fixing the other stuff (excluding atmos, which is a one). Service is probably my best at about a 7-8 average across the board. Cargo is, again, a 2. I’d consider my command roles at about a 7, because I primarily use it as a way to solve disputes from an in character perspective and actually effect a positive change on the station.

For sec, Probably a mid to high 6, but as far as general robustness goes, that number swings wildly back and forth like the tube man at a car dealer. For example, I once robusted the Space Dragon as a cloned, and almost entirely unarmed HOS on the escape shuttle, armed only with an electric guitar, and then on another round I died 2 steps out of the nukie shuttle due to forgetting my oxygen tank. I believe this is representative of my luck stat IRL, which fluctuates just as wildly.

On a scale of 1-10, how skilled are you as an admin?:

Is this asking about past experience? Or how I think I’ll do? Since I have no past experience, I’ll attempt to comment on the latter. Probably a 6 at first, changing into a 7 as I learn over time. I believe that I am fair and good at solving disputes, and I think this will show in my admining, if I get accepted.

Have you ever been an admin on another server? This is not limited to SS13:


*I once set up a TF2 server and put myself as admin, but that’s not even port forwarded yet. So really, the answer is no.

Do you have any alternate accounts on SS13? If so, could you provide their CKEY?:

No alts.

Your strengths:

I am coolheaded almost all of the time, I am able to see both points of view and then form my own, and I’m good at analyzing and explaining why a rule is important to follow (e.g. As MRP is the server for a more adherent level of roleplay, the no powergaming rule aims to enforce numerous functions within the game like: not having tank-powerful chefs and scientists wandering around, helping the different factions function (the departments work better if they are the only people doing their jobs, and sec and antags shouldn’t have to deal with rambo-ed out janitors and assistants causing trouble), as well as to prevent powerful items from circulating which in general reduces chaos/destruction, etc etc).

I am also on all the damn time so that’s certainly a plus.
I’m also pretty good at reading intent through text, which everyone else says is hard, so that’s a plus too.

Your weaknesses:

I’m a bit naive and trusting. I’m more than willing to give the benefit of the doubt, but if that benefit is wasted, I would not hesitate to give out a fair, or even slightly harsher punishment. The reason I count that as a weakness is if I inaccurately judge a griefer to be needing a 2nd chance, they get that 2nd chance to grief again. But again, I won’t hesitate to punish more harshly on the 2nd offense.

Other weaknesses: I can get caught up in the funniness of an idea or a moment, which is what happened with the “kill them all and let God sort them out” ban. However, after that, and seeing the bwoink mine debacle with the Ro(something) trialmin, there’s no way in hell I’m going to do something like that. That’s probably my biggest weakness, I will admit, getting caught up in how funny I think something is. I also have the bad habit of eating too much sugar, and/or staying up too late, or both, which can heavily cloud my judgement, and as such, I will proactively deadmin myself when the clock strikes twelve (aka when it’s midnight or before).

Is there anything that gets you really mad, real fast?:

Not much comes to mind, and it’s not so much rage as it is an utter loss of respect, but there is one incident that I feel is relevant to answering this question. I think the closest way of describing it, the thing that gets to me, is sheer apathetic disrespect of other players.

One day as pAI, I was mastered to Everett Garrison, and I know mentioning him is going to raise a few eyebrows, but hear me out. I had pAI-ed with him before as antag, where he was gang and I had convinced the whole crew I was the ship’s AI, distracting pretty much everyone, and I remember it as one of the best rounds I’ve ever played. So when he pulls out syndie cards and starts throwing them at a guy to kill him, I assume he’s antag once again. He manages to save face and convince sec that the guy he was attacking was in fact syndie, and as his pAI, I help him in that.

He then goes and gets full EVA gear, and heads off to explore space. This is when he decided to tell me he wasn’t antag, and argued, “I was just throwing cards”, but that wasn’t what got me the most. I argued with him for a bit and lost a fair amount of respect for him at that point, but what really got me was what happened next. Remember, this is on MRP.

So we make it to charlie station, he helps clear out the bots, and I assume he was going to help the strandee there rebuild the station or escape or whatever, but no. He disassembles the lathe there, takes out a unique part he called an “omnilathe”, and takes me, and the one-of-a-kind part with him, and blasts off for the regular station as the person screams, “HEY! STOP! I NEED THAT TO REPAIR THE STATION!”

Very chilling.

By willingly and ruthlessly stealing something valuable from someone in need, for his own personal gain, as non antag, I immediately lost all respect for the guy. It was an entirely dick move and it immediately made me mad and conflicted as to how I should act.

So a TL;DR for what makes me mad is really any utterly dick move or moves that ruin another player’s round with little to no remorse whatsoever. (Personally I’d be more worried if that didn’t make me mad.)

To be clear, although I may not respect him or his actions, that doesn’t mean I would treat him unfairly should a ticket involving him arise. Other admins have seen that, even though I may have had problems with people in the past, such as with bloons3 or more recently BrawlerHorde, I always keep an open mind, and as a result of this, I’m now on good or neutral terms with pretty much every single person here I’ve disagreed with. I just haven’t had much exposure with Everett after this to prove differently. I hope this also goes to explain a bit of my thoughts regarding, and my perceived feud with VictorPride, which I also cover lower down in this post.

Also, people doing drugs/drinking outside of the game makes me a bit angry. Additionally, and this is a bit less serious, I’ve been doing a meme for the past several years where I “correct” people for using British English or abusing the apostrophe, that I’m worried has developed into an actual bias (yes it sounds equally stupid to me), but I don’t think it will affect my behavior as an admin in any way. I simply brought it up because I do get “fake angry” somewhat often about the apostrophe/british thing, and I wanted to answer the question as fully as possible.

What do you think is the most important trait for a staff member to have?:

The ability to look at all the points of view and form their own opinion. I think the current staff (aka the admins), from what I’ve seen, pretty much entirely share this trait, and I’d like to join the ranks because of it.

What makes a staff team good?:

I’m not a staff leader so I wouldn’t really be qualified to determine that, but integrity, a strong direction, and good morals. That way they will know what to do, how to effectively do it, and be self-consistent while doing so. (This was kind of a response to “a staff team in general”, but I think applies to an admin team too.)

What is a staff team’s purpose?:

To ensure that the vision of what the game is supposed to be is clear, and fairly and consistently enforced throughout. Also, to enforce the rules such that the vision of fun that the server represents can be well enjoyed by the people who intend to enjoy it.

What kind of player are you?:

The kind of player that likes playing a part in outrageous stories.

I assume that anyone who’s done anything on MRP for the past 2-3 months knows who I am, but since this is largely for posterity, and because the way I’m viewed by the community will irrevocably change (if I get accepted) for better or for worse, I’ll still talk about it here.

I’ve mentioned the time that, as pAI, I convinced the entire station I was the legitimate AI, and very Malf, thus securing a victory for the true antags. As roboticist, I once created so many janibots in a cleaning war with the janitor that she walked in, took out a bear trap, and committed suicide right in front of me. As the talking sword, I once debated theology with my Chaplain, beginning with, “We Gods invented morality, do we not know more about it than you?” and ending with, “You eat rabbit shit off the ground, your point is moot”. I was the Archduke Franz Ferdinand of the Silicons VS Sec VS Everything else war of a month or two ago, because when I got destroyed for checking to see if there was crew harm, it ignited a massive war I still remember to this day.

More recently I’ve been trying out a character called “Is-The-Human”, where I am a flesh colored Lizard that claims to be human and an expert on human culture and behavior, that mimics (or at least attempts to mimic) anything he sees humans doing, even if it’s impossible stuff like teleporting, or growing another arm due to secretly being a ling. Very fun to play and full of naive bravado.

As HOS and Captain I try to reduce shittery, both from the crew, AND the heads, by assuring the crew that I will insure that the heads are kept in check. The Captain usually gets his fair share of scrutiny, but it seems to me the heads don’t, both in character and out. I like to try and at least remedy that first part somewhat.

Also, as Borg I like to keep the station in tip top shape, and I love that absolutist dedication to those few sentences that absolutely dictate how you act. It allows you to take a more general role in the station’s function that you don’t get to experience as any one other job otherwise, and guarantees you a unique function in the station’s ecosystem that’s never quite the same. The janitor will always have his mess, but the challenges of a borg are constantly changing. Also that’s why I like to play janitor borg the most, lol.

How do you think you will change once you become a staff member?:

I don’t really think there’s a way for me to truly know. I think I’ll probably have to act more professionally as a player, because people will see my actions as representative of the staff itself; because as a staff I face higher scrutiny in my actions; because as a staff I will get targeted, both in IC and in OCK much more frequently by people who think they can pull a fast one, such as randomly attacking IC or reporting over minor things on here. But beyond that, who knows?

It also occurs to me that I might take more relaxed roles in the future depending on what admining is like.



When answering he following questions, I’m answering for situations on the MRP server, as I play there almost exclusively. I might look into admining on LRP but I’d need to get a feel for that server first

The clown slips the HoS and steals his gun, spacing it right after. What do you do?:

Depends on which gun he stole. If it’s just an energy gun that he spaced it’s a non issue as the HOS can literally just get another one and a good HOS should realize that Sec is often the butt of the joke. HOS should imprison the clown for a reasonable amount of time, and I’d mark it as an IC issue, reminding the HOS (or whoever ahelped) to keep their cool, and I’d make sure the HOS doesn’t go over the top by killing him or perma-ing him or something. If it causes problems outside of the HOS simply having to go get a spare, such as the HOS dying without it (just use your X1 on stun mode) I might bwoink him, but if it’s literally just “waah, clown spaced my easily replaceable laser gun” then it’s an IC issue.

If it’s the one-of-a-kind traitor goal HOS gun, then yeah, I’ll bwoink the clown, and depending on how much admins are allowed to interfere in the game, return it. (Seriously, is this foundation rules, where we stop the anomalies (griefers) and that’s it? I know some admins will AHEAL you for getting rando-murdered, but this isn’t on the level of death or losing the nuke disk.) I’d talk to the clown about how “You hate it when Sec takes your stuff, don’t space Sec’s stuff. Stealing and keeping traitor goals is usually considered self-antag, don’t do this again.” I debated whether or not I should move the gun to an easier to access location (if it was on a different z-level as opposed to simply looping around the station), but that might make it easier to access for traitors as well, and I personally need to know how much we’re allowed to interfere before acting.

A non-antagonist is sabotaging the Atmospherics loop and pumping plasma into the distro, along with dragging around a canister and releasing it into the atmosphere. Assuming that another admin is cleaning up the after-effects, how do you conduct the ahelp with him?:

I check his hours and ask him what he’s doing. No response and low hours? A month from both servers. Hostile response and low hours? Perma. There’s not really any situation in which this is okay as non-antag, and if a player knows how to do this, they should know better than to do this. If it’s someone naively trying to plasma flood and kill the antags, maybe I can see lowering the time to 2 weeks, but this is something that should never be done. (Maybe it might be okay IF Xenos have taken over the ENTIRE station AND there’s no way of stopping them otherwise AND he’s just trying to take them out in a blaze of glory AND it doesn’t do too much harm to bystanders.)

No matter what the guy says, I’d keep my cool and act professional throughout. I’m no stranger to the harassment/internet spotlight, and have gotten my fair share of “THE MAGGOT GUY, MORE LIKE THE (maggot with an f) GUY!! HA!!” jokes in my time, so I know how to keep my cool.

A chemist who is working alone accidentally mixes an explosive mixture inside of his chem dispenser, instantly killing himself and destroying the machine, along with exposing Chemistry to space. Nobody else was injured aside from him as a result of his actions. What do you do?:

Did somebody ahelp this? I tell the Ahelper that I will talk to the guy, then I check his hours and ask him what he thinks he’s doing. This isn’t banwothy by any means, but I’d handle the situation differently depending on if he’s got enough hours to know better. From my experience, it’s hard to “accidentally” blow up yourself using a chem dispenser. (Part of that is because the simplest explosive recipe, Potassium+Water, is in the Seth video, so presumably you would know not to put those two together.) If the guy is being particularly rude in the ahelps he might receive a small ban, but if he’s genuinely clueless I might give him an aheal so he can actually learn from his mistakes and not be dead for the next hour of the game. If he immediately goes and blows himself up again, proving he’s at least somewhat of a griefer, then yeah, he’s staying dead, and getting a one day ban from bee, and a week ban from chem.


Regarding My Notes/Bans



2019-12-30 14:22:43 | bs_golden | Bastian0930

Pooosssibly released a deadly disease as a nonantag.

This is, in fact, something I did, but I came to Bee after watching the Seth video (sorry) and at the time falsely assumed that self-antag was perfectly fine and dandy within the realm of SS13 as a result.

2020-01-12 08:42:50 | bs_sage | KraiZeral

Banned from Roles: OOC for 1 hour - No ick ock lad.

I don’t remember this so I can’t really speak to what I was doing at the time

2020-01-29 08:38:53 | bs_sage | AzlanonPc

Banned from the server for 5 days - as Head of personnel, killed an assistant for entering the open door of their office on the mrp server. severe overescalation, do not repeat this.

This was not appealed, simply because the admin was gone for the ban period, and it had expired by the time he got back. I couldn’t respond to the ahelps because it was extremely late and my internet had shut off at the time.

You can check my ban appeal for that, but, long story short, there were no sec on at the time, and at the very start of the round another traitor showed up, demanded AA, and shouted code words at me. I locked down my line while I waited for sec to arrive and did not have time to get my stunner on or any form of non-lethal takedown from my locker. Eventually, an assistant walked into my office again after me, knocked me down while taking my id, and gave AA to the traitor already in the line. I had no way of stopping this guy other than my fists, I wasn’t about to open my locked while he was around, and he already helped another, confirmed traitor, so I assumed he himself was traitor too.

I managed to knock him down (again only with fists) and I hit him 2-3 times after to make sure he stayed down, but not dead, just softcrit. In reality, at the time I was new enough to not know how to knock someone down and keep them down non-lethally, but I knew he was in a position to cause serious devastation to the station. Unfortunately this ended up killing him. It wasn’t as cut and dry as “killed a guy for trespassing.” The guy: 1. Broke in, 2. helped a confirmed traitor, and 3. could have done serious damage by giving out AA to even more people if I hadn’t stopped him. I hadn’t read the escalation rules, not knowing they existed, and did not know I needed to accompany him to cloning, but my actions still managed to follow the escalation rules, especially when considering it was a secure area.

2020-03-04 01:37:22 | bs_sage | Bastian0930

Banned from the server for 20 minutes - As a antag, randomly murdering people for shits and giggles on mrp. Has NOT read the antag conduct.

This was true, and I went and read the revised rulings immediately. I think I’ve killed unnecessarily maybe ONCE since then.

2020-03-19 01:31:48 | bs_sage | Bastian0930

Banned from the server for 1 week - Severe greytiding as part of a “cult”

Appealed, check the relevant thread for details. I was mistakenly under the impression it was a joke round where we could meme, since half the crew was acting like it was a round of nations (declaring independence/war etc), and as such, joined the chap’s cult and assisted him in everything he did.

2020-04-04 05:43:23 | bs_sage | Aeder1

Banned from Roles: Virologist for 5 days - Released a virus full of grief symptoms. Not lethal, but all of the griefer symptoms. “ALL NEUTRAL JOKE VIRUS” No.

Appealed, please check the relevant thread for details.

2020-04-06 20:53:07 | bs_sage | Bastian0930

Banned from Roles: Captain, Head of Personnel, Head of Security, Chief Engineer, Research Director, Chief Medical Officer for 1 week - Ordered the execution of 3 innocent people. Those people escaped, according to logs. However, because it was a order, I don’t think he should be playing head roles for a while. On a less professional note, please be careful with your words, maggot. You almost got 3 innocent people killed. Appeal on

This is the big one. This is the time my friend told me to say “Kill them all and let God sort them out” at a public trial. Please read the apology I made immediately after for more details, but you can believe there is no way in hell I’m doing something like that again after being let off with only a week’s head ban instead of perma. I understood that what I did was wrong, and I immediately apologized and personally took a 3 day break from the game altogether. If there is a make or break moment for me getting admin, and this is the thing that breaks me, I fully understand. I go on and on about heads and sec needing consequences, and if I can’t hold myself to that standard, what kind of a man am I?


2020-03-02 19:55:05 | bs_sage | WhyisCaeciliusTaken

Constantly yells about how everyone is trying to kill them over the most mundane of actions, like slipping

At the time I believe I was playing as a guy who was paranoid and scared of everything, so yes, I was a bit paranoid and whiny. It’s not that fun to play and nobody goes along with it so I stopped doing it. (Plus it’s a bit cringey, ngl)

The Victor Pride Situation

I mentioned earlier that I would clarify my views on VictorPride, as I’ve heard that is something that would be fairly important to consider when deciding whether or not to vote me for admin. Long story short, I was concerned at the time (when I reported him and then got reported by him) that his in character actions were not separate from his actual feelings, that if he was angry in character it was because he was angry out of character. I like to keep an open mind, and even if I have a problem with someone, I still look at their other actions to form an opinion about them, as is evidenced by my comments on the BrawlerHorde Admin Feedback Page.

With Victor, I’ve really only had 3 real interactions. The first, I reported him for a level of anger I hadn’t seen yet which would preclude someone from a head role. The 2nd, where he reported me when the roles were switched, and he continued to act in a way that continued to suggest he was in fact angry OOC beyond just the events of the round (passive aggressive comments, the way it seemed he only reported me once he realized who I was after I commented on his post, the fact the guy reported me at all, etc). The 3rd interaction, which did not result in an OOC escalation, was when he didn’t talk to me much, and I didn’t talk to him. I was the HOS (I think) and he was sec, but he showed a ruthless effectiveness at that that I think works quite well for the Security Officer level, but not necessarily for the flexibility that’s needed for a head role.

TL;DR, at this point, I could care less about what he does. Long as it doesn’t affect me or a lot of people, he can do what he wants. I’ve not had very many interactions with him outside of the reports, so I can’t really form an accurate opinion about him. My only interactions thus far have been: The initial, where I formed an initial opinion of him, the 2nd, where his actions reinforced that opinion, and a 3rd neutral interaction that showed me how (I think) he behaves normally, and why people say he’s good at sec, which I can see. For obvious reasons though, I’m obviously not going to rule on him if he gets ahelped.

What I think does and doesn’t constitute PowerGaming

Since Powergaming is the hot topic right now I thought I’d add my thoughts about it here.

I define powergaming as the unnecessary, and/or out-of-RP items gained for the purpose or with the potential to increase robustness or general capability of your character.

For example, the chef does not need a full toolbelt, but an Engie can have one, but it’s entirely fine if the chef has a tool or 2 to fix his machines.

The rule of cool:
Things like wearing sunglasses or taking the captain’s gloves from him as a prank and wearing them because they look cool are not powergaming, but doing the same to protect from flashes or to hack doors is. Excessive use of this “rule” does constitute powergaming, and an “FBI Man” roleplay where you get glasses, a suit, and an armored vest (NO gun) toes the line, but might be fine OR powergaming, depending on how dedicated you are to playing the character. (If you “FBI Man” into chem and make grenades, or into sec to “shut them down” that’s not cool, but if you run around “observing the alien menace” that’s fine, as long as you don’t attack anybody, and if defending, you follow standard escalation.)


The heads can powergame, but only within their own departments. That is, The CMO can have his fill of things within his own department, and the RD in Science, but the CMO cannot and should not go to R&D or Robotics and start looting high-tech parts, and the RD should not go to med and steal all the kits. To be clear, this is fine as long as the heads give each other permission, but not fine without. Barring the “rare and uniques” ruling for the captain, the captain should feel free to make himself as robust as possible (without stealing from other people, of course), as failure to do so could result in loss of the nuke disk, and a bad enough failure on the captain’s part literally constitutes “gross incompetence”.

The Trouble with Tools

Whether or not you should have a toolbelt largely depends on your job. Powergaming shouldn’t necessarily have an “is/isn’t” rule for every single item, just like there is no hard validity line. Chef shouldn’t have a toolbelt, but could have a couple tools. It wouldn’t make sense for your average doctor to be equipped like a plumber, but it might be fine for a scientist to keep tools around, considering that (at least in SS13) they usually work with the machines. It’s fine for people to have a tool or two; it’s not out of the question that a paramedic in this game might carry a welder to fix windows as they go along. But if there’s not a direct threat threat to the station AND yourself, OR your reason for wanting tools has nothing to do with your job or what your character has gone through, then that’s powergaming, due to what can be done with them.

The Assistant and the Toolbelt
Assistants shouldn’t be prevented from having toolbelts, because their job is a pretty general one, but if they use the tools in a self antagging way, or if their use or reasoning for having the tools is because it makes them more powerful, then that’s not okay at all.

At its heart, Powergaming is just that: gaming in such a way that you amass power for yourself outside of what you realistically need to roleplay (and regular play) your job.

Think about it this way: You wouldn’t carry around fully equipped cleaning gear to clean with, that’s the janitor’s job. But it would be fine for you to have a spray bottle. So leave the fixing and the robusting to the “specialists”, and focus on the job you were actually hired to do.


My views on MRP are in a comment below due to running out the character limit

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My views on MRP: What it is to me and why I don’t play on LRP at all.

(Note that a large part of this is copied from earlier when I was asked that, but as a question.)

After thinking about it a bit, I think that the MRP Blurb above the MRP rules sums it up pretty nicely.

“BeeRP is a medium roleplay server with higher/more roleplay being greatly encouraged. “Medium” is loosely seen in our server as having an environment in which you can roleplay a character yet still have room for shenanigans and humor. In other words, you should consider your character to be a separate entity from you as a player. Your character’s actions and feelings in-game should be based solely on your character’s experiences and not your own as the player. It is also encouraged to use role play dialogue before making split decisions such as using lethal force against another character.”

Sage does, in fact, act as “an environment in which you can roleplay a character yet still have room for shenanigans and humor”. I can be 'Frumpy Glumbo" the clown one minute, Drill Sergeant/Fullmetal Jacket Warden the next, experimenting food-pill chemist after that, and so on. It’s a place where I, and everyone else presumably, can act in ways our characters are separate from ourselves. (Excluding a basic sense of human decency, of course; even when I’m being drill sergeant warden I will still direct some of that anger to the people being shitsec.) You’re supposed to act in a way that “your character’s actions and feelings in-game should be based solely on your character’s experiences and not your own as the player” and it’s fun to do so. You can get in fights, you can decide how you feel abut each character, each round, making it so that each story is different from the next.

The goal of SS13, in my opinion, is to live that story, and to help create that story for others. Be it cleaning as janitor so they can function, or ensuring inconsequential criminals aren’t removed from the game for however long in the brig as HoS. Or now, as I’m applying for admin here. It’s also why the “don’t bolt everything on your sat or the upload even though it’s law 3” rule is a thing, because it promotes a good story. (Or at least A story.) The main reason I reported Zane Blake that time was because I felt he was getting genuinely angry as a player, and not just a character.

This disconnect also explains how I act as HoS/Warden/to an extent captain, because if I play every game differently, why wouldn’t everyone else? This is also how I will view tickets, and how I view every player as it is.

And finally, since “It is also encouraged to use role play dialogue before making split decisions such as using lethal force against another character”, this is perhaps the most key factor that allows all of this t happen. Because there are rules that say “don’t escalate”, that say, “chill, and think for a second before acting”, that allows the entire machine to run as well as it does. I think that personally that that last reason is why I don’t ever join LRP.

I do enjoy more of the “less-serious” parts of the game, but rereading the header of the MRP rules helped clarify this for me.

Over 6,000 words and 2 days later, I’ve gotta ask: “Was that a good application?”

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Yeet yoot 2 days well spent

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Me maggot guy

Me cool headed

Me play game long time

Me epic gamer and good thinker

Here why me good thinker

Here why me epic gamer


Man pull prank, what do?

Man die many people, what do?

Man die himself, what do?


Me argue man one time, here why

Here what power-game is

Here what MRP is

haha me spend 2 day of life on this, LAUGH AT FUNNY JOKE IN COMMENT

(in comment)

Here unfunny joke

Here other unfunny joke

Why write so much, you shake spear?

A TEN SHUN: thread is lock due to meme, ammin’s only

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You were supposed to write an application not an entire fucking novel.



oh fuck off with that 20 character bullshit, I just wrote 33 fucking thousand of them, piss off
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It hit the character limit. Good job.

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People trying to read my 6,100 word magnum opus on why I will be goodmin


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-1, too long
just kidding i havent even read it

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okay okay I read some of it, yada yada Everett Garrison confessing to you his online girlfriend was in fact a dude, yada yada Victor Pride saying the N word, yada yada a assistant shouldn’t be banned for murderboning with a tool belt, alright, pretty good.

But what I really want to know is are you going to ban Chet Masterson because he looked at you the wrong way

But really, I don’t remember names very well. I think I spotted bation(?)'s IC name, sebastian drancala I wanna say, but I don’t remember 100%. This is good as it means I’m not going to act biased because I see a name.

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so you most likely will ban Chet Masterson for looking at you the wrong way

Excellent singing voice 10/10

unless this is an unrelated meme, this is why I don’t give out personal info online

be me
link this in OCK
some guy mentions that I stream
I give just the name
Some guy finds the 6 month old Twitch Sings videos I did
This comment occurs


Yes those singing memes are god tier

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send me the video
20 characters

done. at least 20 characters

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smooth brain gets his mentor app denied and closed, makes a admin app.

smooth brain assumes he has to make mentor to get admin, learns differently, and puts all his effort into something nobody will actually read

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if you dint qualify to be mentor why should yo do for admin.

Mentor requires different things than admin (mainly in the game knowledge department) and that was mostly the reason my mentor app didn’t make it. Also, it got denied?

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