The joy of pixels

As my creative juices have stagnated, so did the motivation but soon enough i have realised an important fact. What better way there is to gain some energy than worrying about embarassing yourself in front of dozens of people?

Simply put, at some point i’d love to help expand stations arsenal of art and sprites but i stiiiill could use some practice so if you ever had an amazing idea and no one you could tell, consider this as an invitation. Just post w/e and ill see what i can do. It doesn’t have to be about ss13 itself.

Please be aware that since im boring and absolutely hate all things fun ill ignore blatant shitposts. Thank you.

dont know if you are good at making machines but the TEG and antimatter are notorious for their bad sprites

I have my own thoughts on that but in your opinion whats wrong with them? More specifically teg because i’ve never seen antimatter engine. Hell, didnt know thats a thing.

Insight is always helpful.

AME looks like this

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