The Great Warcrime Scale

What job/role/antag should go where instead of how this is now…

Do share your most heinous war crimes committed on the station.

Feel Free to also post a front facing picture of your character on pixel perfect x1 setting.


Ian has commited several unspeakable acts against humanity, he should be in the top tier


QM is too low. Ive seen many atrocities committed by those who control the crates

atmos techs are not the only ones capable of station wide calamity… engineers are just as capable in widespread techno terrorism
also have you seen what a CE can do to a tot they find tresspassing and there’s no sec to rescue him… trully gruesome

mass clown extinction


if i have some spare time i’ll make a tier list on that one website


It’s not a war crime if you never declare a war.


Yeah scientist should be top JUST for xenobio, genocide of sapient beings. Add on all the shit they can do with the extracts, plus toxins bombs, nanite bio(?)terrorism and anything that they can arm themselves with from RND is probably like 12 warcrimes total.

Just wait till I give the whole station nanites and trigger the self destruct button, you’ll be putting sciencetist at the bottom

wait is the top the maximum war crime number or is it the bottom? Because I think we both mean maximum war crimes but we’ve said different positions.

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Further right on the scale is higher warcriminal status, but everyone on the scale is a warcriminal to some degree.

I meant maximum war crimes, I once nuked a clown at space fest and no one suspect nanites

People who put lawyers and curators as non war criminals have never ever seen lawyers defending warcriminals in court and/or curators when they get high volume headsets.

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Chaplain should be higher up on the list.

If rules allowed they’d start the 9th crusade and that’s not gonna be pretty.

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