The game giveaway results!

So, I want to start off by pointing out that we already had a few rule-breakers 2 that made more than 1 reply in the thread and one member who does not qualify due to join date. But since this was the first time ever doing this on the forums I will give them a pass this time. Please make sure to read and follow the rules next time…

Before we go onto the winners let’s have a word from our sponsor!

Now onto the contestants and results! Note: due to what I assume were removed messages the thread numbering is wrong and the double replies I had to count and assign everyone a number in order of their reply.

Forgotpassword 1

Xylana 2

Fronsis 3

Average_Joe22 4

Bestparty 5

Tusterman 6

Pill_U 7

Bastain0930 8

A_Moose 9

NickJak_Aus 10

SpaceNarin 11

BruceU 12

BatteryBan 13

MilkMan 14

Clown 15

qwertyquerty 16

Now onto the games and winners…

Game #1 The Surge results:

10! The winner is NickJak_Aus

Game #2 Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter

2! The winner is Xlyana

Game #3 Cook, Serve, Delicious!

14! The winner is Milkman

Game #4 Door Kickers

15! The winner is Clown

Game #5 Speed Runners

16! The winner is qwerty

Wow, that was a bizarre last 3 with 14,15, and 16 coming up in order. Nevertheless congrats to the winners.

The prizes will be sent ASAP via private message on the forums. I will have to do this one by one so please give me a little time. Thank you for everyone who partook in the contest and better luck next time for those who didn’t win… and there will be a next time!

A special thanks to Crossed who helped spread the word and being supportive.

Wow, thanks for hosting this event, didn’t actually expect to win anything so this was a nice surprise. :+1:

I repeat we will not be won over by vidya!

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I have been giving away games pretty much since I have joined Bee Station. I just like making other people happy and contests and gifts are a method of doing that. I expect nothing in return and you are more than welcome to join in next time hun.

Even if I wasnt memeing on you, I prefer not to enter contests of chance because other people who might otherwise not be able to get the prizes will have less of a chance. I appreciate the service, but we will not be won over by vidya!