The follow button when you ghost as mentor is completely broke

Like it literally does nothing. How can I help someone if I can’t see what they’re doing?

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its been like that for a long time, no?

idk, i just got mentor. If it has, it needs to be fixed yesterday

Its been broken forever, its not that big of a problem.

Dedicated mentors ask a dude for their IC name, real name, address and social security number, sneak in through the window, and Observe them IRL.

That’s what I’ve been doing.



Dedicated mentors can guess where they are with pinpoint accuracy.


Once you’ve mentored for long enough you learn how to teleport and will be able to phase into their house as an ethereal being to judge them quietly.


just stop being a mentor

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Is that power bestowed upon mentors that use the msay to earn meta knowledge?

No wonder they don’t let us do that…

It is a dark secret, lost to history…

lol i’ve made a issue on github for this over a year ago

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holy shit, why has this not been fixed yet

Because mentors have no rights, muahahahahaha

we literraly play the game unlike admemes who ghost the whole round

The tiers of beestation staff:
Mentors play the game.
Admins don’t play the game and just observe.
Maintainers don’t even connect to the server