The final and ultimate xenomorph thread

Don’t forget anti drop to be fully immune to queen tail swoop

hulks are already 100% stun immune

Said mime got banned.

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That is good to hear.

I’ll agree that the threat level needs to be tweaked, I don’t think that their gameplay itself needs to be changed, its fine as it is

way too many methods to spawn them in general:

  • Midround antag via dynamic (and maybe events?)

  • Xenobio 2%

  • Exploration, extremely common, usually requires ineptitude or maliciousness to cause problems however but still…

  • Random maint room, 2% chance egg (x4)

  • Punpun untill fixed

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He still hasn’t been banned??

he’s lawyering up :pensive:

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Apparently not :^)

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midround , off station enemies, and 2% chance is “way too many”?
seems like the normal amount
xenos are fine

A random EGG spawning in a maint room? I’ve personally never seen that tbh

Yeah I thought that was false at first, but it is indeed correct.
Never seen it happen either.

I saw that room once, but I don’t think it comes with any live facehuggers. When I stumbled upon it, there were only a few alien hunters, a dead guy, and a flamethrower.

There are a number of spots within that room containing the same 2% chance xeno egg spawner that is found in xenobio. You can see that in the above screenshot.

Nice I didn’t see that.

Forgot to mention here but I did PR to lower the weight of midround xenos earlier this week. Should be less common now.


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