The Felinid Rework (happening soon™)

Felinids finally got some love from the coders!
Finally, something new, fresh, and lovely has happened to felinids across the board. Let’s recap, “Felinids are weak to loud noises now, not just to ear damage.

Now when you get flashbanged you won’t just only take ear damage, but now stuns! Use this to your advantage when fighting a robust felinid. Or, use a flashbang on yourself. Your choice.

How does this affect gameplay?
If you’re a security officer first thing you have to do is TAKE OFF YOUR RADIO! Get to the test range or cargo to get earmuffs, keep your helmet on, and boom! You’re back to normal.
This has some effects, however:

  • You can’t hear security/common channel while having earmuffs on. Generally, not a bad thing. You have more time to valid hunt and now you have an IC reason not to answer, “HELP CLOWN INSULTED ME,” type of bullshit every officer wishes they could ignore. Now, you can!
  • Helmets make you look human and gay. Deal with it.
  • Can’t hear some sounds while wearing earmuffs – doesn’t matter if your reading text on the right side of your screen.

Of course this could get changed so bowman actually protects you but that would be gay. Try playing sec more aggressively and valid hunty. That’s my advice.

If you’re a barkeep/anyone else you probably wouldn’t get a bowman, anyway. So this change doesn’t effect you at all. This /really/ only effects traitors and security staff. Speaking of which—

Traitorous Cat
Same advice as officers—get helmet and earmuffs ASAP. But, now that you have a helmet you’ll probably get arrested due to having armour which means kill all of security. A task I personally love to undertake, great for a shuttle call, too.

Or you could play stealth… ew…

Possible changes that might happen in the future

  • Bowman superior protection, “NanoTrasen has notice that some of their officers were having issues with a certain explosive equipment. Bowmen have had added padding installed.”
  • Felinids being able to hear whispers—they’re hearing just got better! Some people have already brought this up in dialogue, maybe you’ve heard of this one.
  • More nerfs to make felinid more challenging.

Felinid has again tipped the scale and is a more hard robust species. Felinid is only for the daring and strong—or a role-player that doesn’t get into trouble.

What’s your thoughts on this? Also, kinda weird how Zesk got not their code stealth merged without a vote happening. Weird, isn’t it?

Felinids are only played by IRL masochist. They deserve coderbus

hey if you want big ears and a tail and want to Nya and shit you gotta suffer the consequences

be felind
be put into slavery by laser pointer
get stun by loud noises
be put into SM by laser pointer
get spaced by laser pointer
go nuts with fur balls
get fucked by H.O.N.K’s HONK
get ERPed when there is no admin online

Dont sec and heads get headsets that protect them from “loud noises” anyways

I think bowman + helmet should be sufficient protection.

Some changes to make felinids different rather than just directly bad would be nice, but I lack good ideas for them since they are pretty much just humans with ears and tail

Giving them the ability to hear really well seems pretty good to me. If you hear so well that you take extra hearing damage from loud noises, you should be more sensitive to whispers and be able to hear people and sounds from farther away

noone’s talking about felinid’s greatest weakness… im pretty sure all felinids mains will piss their fucking pants if i’ll tell everyone about that

do it

felinid night vision when

felinid night vision with this update or y’all are racist.

We are all racist. No buff for the degenerate race

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dog race when so I can rip out the felinid throats and call it RP

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Plasma glass spears. they be normal spears with armor penatration

ah jellico good to see you what do you suppose the damage values of these plasma glass spears will be?


comes with a crate that has the authorisation activator . the activator works like a holopara . uh . injector ? and the animals will “follow” the one who injects themselvs . the animals will follow and defend

unit of three soviet bears for perchas from cargo . very expensive . 9000
if you are wearing soviet gear and are attacked the bears will defend you . i dont know . but really soviet bears . 300 health and an attack that hits like a sword .

I’m just copy pasting shit because of the 20 character limit.