The differences between golden and sage

on Sage, you have to wait until you hear reports of a man with an esword in order to start crafting the torches and pitchforks spears and stunprods and bolas and baseball bats and shit

on Golden you don’t have that limitation

to be real, if you’re on Sage, and you buy literally anything from the Conspicuous and Dangerous Weapons tab of the syndicate uplink, you deserve literally everything the crew tries to throw at you

give me your ideas


On sage you die

On golden you die and your corpse gets looted and ERPED by every greytide


i think a good word to describe sage is that the crew is simply more loyal to NT in general

traitor: does crime
robust sec: finds traitor
crew on sage: “haha nice try syndie”
crew on golden: “haha nice try sec”


That boils down to people in sage wanting to have a more slow and chill round while people in golden want to have a wacky murder fest of a round
But that’s just a theory.
A game theory

like, sure, on Sage, you can kill all of sec with a suppressed stechkin pistol

now you have to deal with the 5-15 angered crew armed with spears and bolas and stunprods and baseball bats

this station is like a freaking medieval village, i swear to god

as i said, the current state of Sage is that if you buy literally anything from the Conspicuous and Dangerous Weapons section of the syndicate uplink, you pretty much deserve literally everything the crew throws your way

mainly due to the nature of Sage, it’s much less viable to just rush your antag objectives roundstart and then hide in an escape pod for the rest of the round with the doors welded and shit, considering how you’d be there for about 2 and a half hours

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Golden = A place between hell and earth.

Sage = A place between heaven and earth.


Well, some of the items are fine. E sword is a little too loud for my taste, but I’ve had quite a bit of success with the suppressed stechkin.

Main issue is that most of the items that people go “loud” with are usually locked on sage (I refer to holopara, sleeping carp, and DE sword) due to a lower player count. E sword really isn’t capable of handling the lynch mobs, and the matebae (or whatever the traitor version is called) revolver is way too limited on ammo to get more than three kills.

I will agree that stealth tactics work much better on sage though.

Bruh, just shoot them once then toolbox them, then you can get atleast six kills, then get more ammo from the hacked cargo autolathe or build your own

What makes you think you will get that for with the entire station after you.
If you kill 6 pepole then everyone else will have armed upp to the extreme with seats it’s and shotguns. So getting to the lathe will be a problem foryou

yea, if you basically turn into a serial killer, i think you have bigger problems than ammo conservation

moreso the problem of the crew going out to fucking lynch you

one thing if cargo is getting money (which they usually are able to do cause heads are more willing to give you their budget cards) its not 5 - 15 dudes with spears and stunprods but 5-15 pepole armed with combatshtguns, mosins, sec autorifles, eguns. and they are wearing Russian surplus or swat gear. the cargo millitia can become remarkably powerful

one server you can learn on
the other server you can challenge yourself on

lrp is for people who want to become robust or are robust mrp is pretty boring doe…


no mrp is for pepole who like to build and develop, learn new more advanced ways of using diffrent mechanics and do long experimentation about the games mechanics while also having the time to take it slow and calmly and not rush anything

lrp if for pepole who whould rather murder someone with a toolbox than using the tools inside to build a expansion to the station.

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Sage has far less “”""“hilarious”"""" edgelords on it than golden, and the players are generally more mature there.

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I really have to try using the brainwash disk on MRP some time.

Lobotomized station 13.

Not from what I’ve seen.
It’s been concluded that all moths play medical and just suck.

you can’t escape us
20 moth limits

They play medical because moth is legit one of the weakest races ever, and medical doctors general don’t do anything dangerous.

Also because everyone loves you for saving their lives, so you get allies easily.

was an antag and murdered my target infront of the HOP’s desk with 5-7 other people there, no one cared.

on golden.