The chaos in LRP when MRP is down

Was a civil war between LRP and MRP in golden, chaos was so fucking they sent a ERT, biggest chaos i ever seen.

at one point I kidnapped the chaplain and dragged him to the dorms to ‘MRP’ him.


I saw ert captain ssd so I stripped him broke into centcom and by praying I set up the SM deathtrap

i was just making fusion and dabbed on the cult when they were summoning… fucking amaizing what a few particles can do. also gave them all around 3k to 400 rads each. they died pretty fast.

mrpers are just retired lrpers we have to let loose sometimes

I was AI that shift. My brain melted in the first 15 minutes.

How could it have been chaos if us MRPs are absolute unrobust garbage that cannot get off the arrival shuttle for 15 minutes because we have to roleplay our belt buckle being stuck?


Because you guys take all the interesting job slots so we all get bored and bomb ourselves

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Im just an atmostech with fusion cans…

bruv just because you do that doesnt mean anyone else does ?

Now that’s the type of shit that you go to baystation for, not sage.

no clue where that weird dude got that idea from




noun: sarcasm ; plural noun: sarcasms

  1. the use of irony to mock or convey contempt.

lrp players getting robusted by mrp players because they forget that the mrp players were lrp players back in the day as well


thats not what happened, lmao

I remember security being basically useless and being torn limb from limb, as well as all of the security cell walls and windows having been deconstructed.

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ok buddy… :relaxed:

To be fair it’s pretty hard to arrest someone when you are shoved by 10 people

locking literally anyone up for anything on high pop LRP is impossible

On lrp keeping sec unmolested is a challenge in it of itself

people often forget escelation rules let you laser people who are trying to smash thru the brig cell windows, so long as you fire a few warning shots