The absolute state of griefers in this server (And how to end them once and for all)

Griefers are more prevalent than ever right now. These days they aren’t just a common sight, you can expect to see them regularly. Like every second round I joined the last few weeks had a griefer so far. But the last one (and also the reason I wrote this thread) managed to murder me and like 3 to 4 other crewmembers with a hack client easily, while we all had to just sit and watch and wait the 5 minutes out until we could ping admins on discord, after that STILL no admin would join and the griefer would only leave after being robusted in engineering and dying.

This server is laughably understaffed. We all know it. We can all feel it in the rounds. But when anyone tries to talk about it, the only response of admins is either “well why dont YOU become admin then?” or “but admins are people too!”, like, no shit dude. But we need an attitude that will actually help change this server.

My suggestion? We need a whitelist. I don’t give a shit if this goes against this server being “new player friendly” (does anyone even care about that part anymore?). The situation has gotten so bad that we need to finally take real action against it. For new players it wouldn’t be more than a 10 minute application process, and after that they would be free to play the game. That’s it. And that is what we need the most urgently.


ooooor we could just get more admins. i’d apply for being an admin if my personality type even closely match that which is requested.


I’d apply if I wasn’t a college student.

I’d apply if I had enough hours, more free time, it was not labled as bait

okay so this whole thread was a bait to push whitelist thing again?


“Again”? When was the last time someone suggested a whitelist here?

Why not have Arcade open and Sage Whitelist. Reach x hours on Arcade without admin intervention and you get whitelisted?

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It’s been many times.

literally every other day

just reopen golden and have a 100 hour requirment to join sage lol

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Psudo white list, Fulp station has a new player greeting process which asks you why you came to the sever, who you may know from other severs based off Ckeys and what other servers you may have played on.

New players, those with less than a set number of hours, are asked before each round similarly, where they heard of SS13 from, if they’ve played anywhere else, if they’ve watched or read any guides to SS13 and potential other servers they may have played on.

any such players are tagged or logged in OOC or something like that for quick admin checking and monitoring.

Honestly though I don’t care for the idea of a white list since I wouldn’t BE HERE if there was one.


Maybe there’s a reason for that then?



I don’t think bee is ready for whitelist

It has been brought up and shot down constantly for most of the past three years. Best reason (imo) against it being the shocking amount of new accounts joining and requiring manual approval by that lacking total of staff.

I still agree that a whitelist would help, but with slow application response times (use the forums as an example) it would also definitely kill the server by choking out the new player interest. No matter how the problem is approached, needing more staff really is the answer.


Heck Loded here was on the last prominant Whitelist thread back in august.


This is a stupid idea but, why not make new players with no hours in the first couple rounds pacifists.
My reasoning is as back when I was a new player I don’t really like to accidentally punch everything I’m trying to interact with and it’d stop most griefers attacking players directly with new accounts with no hours.


My suggestion might be stupid but its an idea that came from other games which I’ve played like minecraft and few gmod servers so maybe that can be something in the future.

I think really the best bet might be to just have that new player questionnaire like fulp.

There’s no actual restriction of access to the game after completing the survey(beyond what already exists) related to it, but rather serves as an OOC note so that maybe maybe if we see a 0hr account playing without issue, it can raise some eyebrows.

Also possibly important, maybe a general warning to admins when a 0hr account joins, encouraging them to:
A) Look at their questionnaire
B) Observe their behavior to see how their behaviors matches
IE: 0hr account joins, Admin gets notif about them, pull up questionnaire says no experience/guides read, admin watches as they immediately unbuckles themselves and starts crafting things; maybe allowing for people who possibly slip by telemetry to still get caught.

0hr account joins, Admin gets notif about them, pull up questionnaire says no experience/guides read, admins watch as they spend 30 minutes in arrivals clearly not afk(talking, backpack stuff, etc.) but still buckled, admin maybe does small adminbus to explain how to unbuckle yourself.

Yeah I have a very memory of being new, but not brand new (>24 hours), trying to hug someone as lawyer (briefcase in hand) and… well… lets just say the person I was trying to hug was a secoff who just got revived, and this was in front of the warden.

I didn’t die(because sage) but yeah I got my ass beat by sec and really struggled to explain that I wasn’t trying to beat the officer with a briefcase without ICK OCKing