Teutonic Room Shitsec Ban Appeal

Teutonic Room


All servers

Roll Ban Head of Security, Warden, Detective, Security Officer, Deputy

Two Weeks

Ban Date: 2021-04-24 02:09

Expire Date: 2021-05-08 02:09

Round: 29081

Shitsec again, morphined already permad prisoner, so he “doesn’t kill him”. Has a lot history about shitsec.

Look I am not going to stop being a ballbuster, as sec it is my job to enforce space law, the person I permaed was an attempted murderer and I had permission to perma them. Now proper procedure states that one cuffs them, bucklecuffs them, take their items, stuns thems, and uncuffs them. With two attempted murderer I decide that I am not going to take the chance that after I uncuff them, that they will attack me, so as part of stunning them I decide to inject a syringe full of morphine into them, giving me just enough time to leave before they wake up, not enough to get them hooked and not enough to kill them. Does this make them furious, oh I bet it does, I bet it makes them super salty that I wont give them the chance to attack me after uncuffing them. A little while later one prisoner attempts to kill the other so I decide to transfer from gulag to brig perma, and do I morphine them, I do, and then they threaten me in character that they will admin report me and player report me, salty af. The admin actually said that I should take chances and that this game is a game of chance, and they didn’t seem to like that I disagreed. Did I muzzle and straight jacket them when it came time to transfer them to the shuttle, absolutely, they were violent dangerous criminals and I was going to take every precaution. Then after a lengthy back and forth with the admin where I will not concede they roll ban me, claiming I tortured and abused the prisoners. Never did I kill them, nor did I ever harm baton, I simply never gave them a chance to fight back, and I bet they hated that.

Oh I forgot to add, I was actually attacked by one of the prisoners because they were so salty, and I did morphine them to prevent another attack.


Also I want @Archanial’s reply to include our back and forth


No way I’m lifting that, this is not your first incident while being a warden. You don’t inject prisoners with morphine. You are warden not drug dealer. It’s extremely frustrating to the receiving end. You don’t keep a player in straight jacked with a muzzle on. This is just plain shitsec.

You can literally flash them then uncuff them and get out of the room safely. If you think you need to morphine them you are playing the game wrong.


Not gonna take the chance, morphine is a drug sec has access to in fact its in the same room as the straight jacket and muzzles, they were attempted murderers, show the back and forth.


You also stated in the back in forth between them I never stated what they were in for and I sent that to you twice and you showed no acknowledgment of it.


And I bet it’s frustrating to the players, but they were attempted murderers, which is a permanent, offense, one of them tried to kill the other in prison and had crit-lined the HOS (which is what got him in prison in the first place), the other was a janitor who had three witnesses stating they had attempted murder, as far I was concerned they were dangerous violent criminals and I was going to take all precautions and they were not going to be treated like regular prisoners.


First off id like to say I have 5 plus years of experience with this wonderful game. From what I’ve read I don’t think Teutonic Room was out of line at all. Morphine is a creative and effective way to subdue a prisoner. Sounds like he’s just good at his job. I think a head admin should weigh in on this ban appeal.


There are only so many ways you can uncuff a violent prisoner without risking your life. Especially in the good ole’ small perma cell where you are prone to being shoved everywhere. Warden did not just Morphine a random prisoner (that would be shitsec) he morphined a perma prisoner with a history of violent outbursts.
We do NOT have the real life equivalent of airlocks with an opening to put your hands through for the cuff removal to ensure the wardens safety. So he used what he had in his disposal to non-harmfully pacify the prisoner temporarily.


I agree with this. And for all we know as someone dangerous he probably prepeared beforehand for conflict with security and might have some stun shortening tricks like nerve surgery or nanites.


As someone who usually play warden with over 200 ping, i agree with Teutonic action here. To be honest, i usually use anesthetic internal to disable dangerous perma prisoner, which is another way the same as morphine. The problem is, like some say, give the antag a chance to escape etc, if i do that, and getting beaten to death, isnt that mean i’m a bad warden/sec, and like some antag didnt try to give me a chance to fight back (ie sleeping carp/cqc user, xenobio bombing etc) why should i give him a sliver of chance to kill me.


It’s not like he injected a random guy to subdue him. He injected a non-lethal chem that sec has access for to put someone in perma. How is this shitcurity? Is it so much better to stun them with a baton or flash them it’s faster I guess, but why is this such a big deal?


@Archanial if you mean a lot of history as shitsec let me help illuminate some things you may have missed, the shitsec note from 2020-09-17 starting a mutiny as sec was resolved and I was unbanned that was almost a year ago I have a different playstyle now. The 2021-03-22 where I was gulaging for random points was from over a month ago and I was poorly adhering to space law, since then I am well aware of the point amounts. The 2021-04-20 was resolved and I was found to not have violated space law, I was unbanned and been found to have set fair amounts for the gulags based upon the crimes committed. So as far as shitsec is concerned I am just a ball buster. Furthermore the notes show a 5 month gap where I took a break after a major fuck up on my part.


There are far worst ways he could have handled it and this is very tame. He also used resources within his means like a straight jacket/morphine.

The levied actions by the warden is consistent with the severity of the situation.
A warden should’nt be banned for using resources available. Reserve bans for those who actually shit sec like pacifying non violent criminals or feeding them actual narcotics instead of sedatives. He didnt even use the more effective sulfonal.


I want another Admin to weigh in on this I think @Archanial is not being fair or impartial.


The brig physician has access to it, he is not exactly security though. Morphine is sedative but it’s also a drug. You have plenty of time to flash while uncuffing or just put him to stamcrit with baton.

Literally doors? Also airlocks exist in real life.


I’m not lifting this. You muzzled and straight jacketed a prisoner and while I can understand straight jacked, muzzle was totally unnecessary. Still, you’ve decided to release your super violent criminal randomly.

ok but next ban for shitsec will be longer if not permanent. You managed to build yourself pretty bad ban history.

this was handled during the round and has absolutely no impact on you.

Deny this

You know flashes exist yea?
If you need to safely uncuff someone to leave them in a cell, use a flash.

I’d have needed to be there to realy judge which of these instances of morphine were okay and which werent, but its 100% unneeded for uncuffing them

Someone threatening to report you IC is incredibly cringe though, that person should be slapped for OCK ICK

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