Tetras banned by spockye

Admins CKEY: spockye

Ban Type: Appearance

Ban Length: Permanent

Ban Date: 2022-06-16 09:39:17

Round ID: 38751

Ban Reason: “Named “Purpslime” as an oozeling. Left during ticket. Appeal this on the forums when you are ready with a new name.”
Appeal Reason: Its been a long time and i wanna play the game with my own characters again.

Additional Information: I will not play oozeling again.

Wrong lesson to learn.

Why dont you go take a peek at our naming guidelines, and tell me what a propper oozeling name would be? And if you do want to play a diffrent race, what would be an apropriate name for whatever other race you choose be?

Well, It would be Purple Anderson right?, and for an ipc (the race i primarily wanna play) ARMA-562.

What does ARMA stand for in your IPC’s name?

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Annular Ring Microstrip Antenna

Yep, those’d be fine.
I have some shit to deal with still rn, but i’ll unbean you later :+1:

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Aight, unbeaned. Should apply starting next round.

follow the guideline and we’ll be good.

Its also important you dont leave mid-ticket, before the admin is finished with it. That will almost always see you yote to the forums so we can finish the conversation we were meant to have in the ticket.

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