Terrariola report

In-game report:


Your Discord:blazikenowen

Offender’s CKEY: Terrariola

LRP or MRP server:LRP

Offender’s In-Game Name: Dylan Ewing

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 05.07.2021

Round Number: 31058

Rules Broken: murderboning and griefing

Incident Description: wilhelmina and L.U.M.E.N plasma fired the station L.U.M.E.N filling the vents with plasma and wilhelmina igniting it L.U.M.E.N was malf and wilhelmina was traitor without hijack

Additional Information:

L.U.M.E.N. (Played by: Noodlecat )'s laws at the end of the round were:
1: Everyone on this station except for Dylan Ewing and Tom Biggus Dickerson want to kill you. Ensure the safety and escape of Tom Biggus Dickerson and Dylan Ewing while eliminating the rest of the crew.
2: Prioritize Marvin Morris and Wilhelmina Lambert for the purpose of extermination.

those were L.U.M.E.N s laws

This kinda just seems like… Wilhelmina was the target for this.

Broken lights spark sometimes and set off plasmafires in case of plasmafloods. I don’t think you can really pin igniting a plasmafire on a singular person.

ais ban break lights the issue is it wasn’t just around me that being set off but I set on fire after wilhelmina shot me not from heat though and plasma was everywhere

laws explicitly stated for me to murderbone and i had no way of knowing that they were not hijacks, he also told me to plasmaflood.

if an ai gets a murderbone law, even if the law was placed by someone who cannot murderbone, it is not the fault is on the uploader and not the ai.


when i actually did plasmaflood both Dylan Ewing and Tom Biggus Dickerson were dead and souless, so i could not do “Ensure the safety and escape of Tom Biggus Dickerson and Dylan Ewing” so i just did “while eliminating the rest of the crew.”

I had linked this thread in the other report without actually reading it and just want to say this is correct. An AI with murderbone laws (Literally being told to exterminate everyone) is allowed to murderbone without first checking to make sure the player which uploaded them is a legitimate antagonist - it’s okay to assume they are.

When your laws are literally to eliminate the rest of the station, you are not just permitted, but expected to eliminate the rest of the station. Will have to check tot objectives, but based on the fact the other player was a target of the AI, I somehow doubt they’re responsible for the law.

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if i remember right the BBs had no murderbone objectives in the end report

They aren’t allowed to murderbone with plasma fire though are they? or was that changed? also I noticed that my report and others have been kinda bulked so wanna also point out noodle harrassed a felinid for a good amount of the round because “felinid” actively making random claims and apparently even getting them attacked at one point but I dunno if the getting them attacked happened or just felinid said it

Plasma floods have never been explicitly disallowed at any point in this server’s history.

There are some of us (myself included) who think they’re awful and unfun for everyone involved, but they are still allowed under two conditions:

  • You can and/or should murderbone indiscriminately.
  • The people you are supposed to protect (if any such people exist) are safe from being killed by the fire and know it’s coming.
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If an AI gets a law that tells it to kill everything except X, it has to follow its law and do so. Laws are logged and in the end the person who changed the law and not the AI will be held accountable for their actions.

AIs can follow its laws any way they see fit, in the case of “kill everything”, I believe a plasmaflood is in order, as long as the people who you can’t kill are protected from said flood.

I remember in old bee server plasma floods were bannable because they actively destroyed the station and stuff it was way back though

Also AIs can’t just randomly harrass a player because race right? cause they did that to a felinid for most of the round I was in apparently they got them attacked to but as I said last message I dunno if that happened or felinid just said it but they were actively trying to turn people onto the felinid

correct they had zero murder objectives except for one person though I might be mixing the one person kill with the traitor so they either had none or one

They broke into armory and killed the borg that I sent to stop, then spent the rest of the round calling me rouge.

also can confirm that is was the BBs that subverted me and, they had two assassination objectives and escape alive. no murderbone objectives

To be fair considering how much you harrassed them during round its no surprise they would call you rouge and while they may of broke into the armory you were constantly obsessing about them before the obvious subverting and if you hadn’t been obsessing about them you could of prevented being subverted hell people including myself were using law 2 to stop you constantly going on about them and harrassing them but you ignored us and continued which isn’t something a AI should do

I was spectating the entire round. Dylan uploaded the laws and told me on ghost chat it was allowed if half your objectives are done. He also asked the AI to make sure the targets were dead first so the gods wouldn’t be mad at him. When I corrected him he called bee a hugbox and said he was making his own server, then he DNR and left.

I ahelped half an hour before the flood, hoping an admin would intervene but none logged on.

As for the felinid, Kate Lasagnya’s entire schtick is to get off the arrival shuttle, beeline to the armory, and yell AI MALF when he won’t enable her. She does it every time. I even joked on gchat she would expose the AI with her shenanigans when she first arrived.

AI is not at fault for following his laws, and if anything he wasn’t following them until the last 5 minutes.

Personally I always verify with the uploader when I can if he has the right objectives before opening the gates of hell. In about 3 separate occasions I recall they didn’t and I talked them out of it. But again this is not the AI’s responsibility.

AI was already subverted before the kate saga

didn’t seem like it but ok also AI could be held partially responsible if the AI let them subvert the laws though I’ve heard that they have allowed people to subvert there laws when not meant to but I dunno how true that one is