TeriyakiThomas banned by moccha

CKEY: TeriyakiThomas

Admin’s CKEY: moccha

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: sage

Ban Type: server

Ban Length: 7 days

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 2019-11-25 19:06

Round ID: 9499

Ban Reason: Killed the CMO for no reason, extremely suspicious behaviour, possible metacomms as well as non-rp friendly name, Authed by Zanos Appeal on the forums

Appeal Reason: 1. I was being PM about killing the HoP for no reason so I didnt even know what mocchas talking about. Yes I did kill the HoP cause I thought he was the mime that as griefing my sous chef and I during the entire round. 2. extremely suspicious behaviour? maybe. 3. I dont do metacomms it breaks the immersion. 4. non-rp friendly name. It was Lee Chaolan. I guess Tekken isnt as popular as I thought. He’s my favourite character.

Additional Information: I’m asking for a lessen on my 7 days sentence, please and thank you.

Gonna be honest the whole thing sounded like you were a grieffer, Account had less than 2 days of creating,less than a hour in the server, you killed the cmo with the help of someone else and when asked about it said that you had read the rules, which you obviously din’t if you killed the CMO for no reason.

And not going to lie but you and the other guy who got banned both have the same account creation Date so i wil lask this now were both of you meta comming?

On day one, we did cause this game has a steep learning curve but in that lobby “beestation sage” we did not. We still are learning the lingo and stuff.

  1. non-rp friendly name

My fault i mixed your name for your friends one which was outback steakhouse

This being said, you reported saying that you did read the rules, yet if you did you wouldn’t have killed the CMO as none of his actions made him valid. So yeah did you read the rules or not?

I always do. I thought CMO was the mime griefing us, its hard to tell

If the mime was grieffing you, you should’ve have ahelped it. instead of killing the cmo

If you check the chat logs I just learned how to use ahelp in that same round but yeah youre right my bad

Aight i will lower it to a hour ban ahelp next time you have issue or need a question awnsered

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