Tennessee's Idea Dump

Garbage truck noises

Welcome to this place where I just dump all of my shitty ideas. This’ll probably updated get every so often. Anyways, here they are.

  • Apids - Fancy beepeople that are playable race, read the damn PR for more info - Being worked on.
  • Bearaxe - A bear that deals the same damage as a wielded fireaxe, good for possible new Gateway maps.
  • Overcomplicating Chemistry - Instead of just clicking buttons, force chemists to map the chemical structure of the chemical they want to make. Preset chemical structures for pure chemicals will be provided for you to cram together. Upon making correct chemical structure, they can produce chemical in preferred quantity. Something along those lines. Choomists who just want to make their meth will hate it, yes, but it’ll make it more challenging.

we need bee race master potato

add lemonpeople

Apids are almost done. I just have to add their stinger, fix their smoked effect, blah blah blah, and they’ll be good.

Nah, only if there is a compelling enough argument will I make the lemon race.

Do it in memory of crusader, it was his final suggestion before being permabeaned.

You realize this will indirectly affect bartender too, right? Either they have to mix drinks at the molecular level or they lose their sort-of unofficial status as the gateway to chemistry.

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You cannot be saved if you seriously are not in favour of crusaders lemon race

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Made blackpowder one time. Can now produce 5000u of it and cause an explosion larger than a maxcap. Very balanced

Like that’ll get merged.

I actually have never thought of that, but you do have a point. It’d be pretty damn funny to mix drinks at a molecular level, but I to be honest, I just jumped right into chemistry as a chemist. I’d just say they would lose their status, but a compromise might work.

Well, an unofficial goal of this is to sort of, make choomists happen a lot less, because if “I wanna make muh meth” you better know how to make the molecular structure for it.