Tennessee Watson - Player Feedback

Hi, I usually play warden, and wouldn’t mind improving my play as warden. I sometimes play security officer or HoS as well, and only play non-sec rarely or if I am an antagonist. A harsh “fuck you” is accepted with the addition of 20 characters.

Can’t recall any rounds where I’ve been with you as warden, but anyway if you want to improve as one then read Arbalezt and Azrael’s guides and take advice from Aden Finlay and Imhotep Richblood in-game.

From my own advice I’d recommend making sure the Brig doesn’t stay busy with multiple Officers off from patrol for long periods, upgrade cameras to have x-ray vision, disable AI connection on doors and APCs, build turrets and proximity sensor alarms. Good luck, we could use with more robust wardens.

Also disable AI connection to air alarms, don’t want to get cooked by one.

Also, your crew monitor and camera console are your best friends as warden. Hope to see you doing well!

if you can aim slugs are usually better over buckshot for smiting valids



Where did tennessee go anyway

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he probably left when he tried to start a conspiracy about his demotion :flushed: