TeG Thermomachine thread

I wouldnt dare it, you would probably get bwoinked for using an “”“exploit”“”, just like using freezer and heater to power a TEG

Don’t pretend like they are comparable :pensive:

How are they not comparable?

Freezer is used to cool gas, Heater is used to heat gas, TEG makes power by making hot and cool gas react with each other, yet using them is being called an exploit because you make easy power of it

Uranium material causes radiation, if you abuse it for your advantage then I would argue that its even more of an exploit since making uranium walls, tiles is even much easier then setting a TEG

Is is an exploit because the thermomachines require way, way less power than the TEG produces. But that’s just a problem with power in general.
Uranium walls, tiles and doors on the other hand, produce too little radiation to get any meaningful power out of them with radiation collectors.

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To elaborate, it’s a problem with power in general because thermomachines have to use that little power to be at all usable for other atmospheric applications. Where as using them with the TEG is unintended and is taking advantage of that fact to produce non-negligible amounts of power with trivial effort.

Branching this conversation to a separate thread since it doesn’t belong on a guide.

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Because you haven’t coded it yet.

Also it’s not exclusively fusion powered, you could use a burn mix too, it’s just not gonna give you the same ridiculous power output.

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Are you implying that because something is badly designed you should be allowed to exploit it? Hell, if you think about it logically, that just breaks the laws of thermodynamics.
And no, TeG doesn’t need to be powered by just fusion, look at Pubby’s SM.

yeah I wanted to also mention burn mix but wasnt sure if that would have been considered an exploit too

How the fuck would that be an exploit :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

read my comment again before jumping to conclusions,
also guess what just because im working on a TEG doenst mean I know the real life physic properties of the laws of thermodynamics.

And no, TeG doesn’t need to be powered by just fusion, look at Pubby’s SM.

The TeG in Pubby is already build this point makes no sense

Wow very strange you make much more power with a burn mix then a freezer and heater yet the latter is considered an exploit

It’s almost like the burn mix is more effective because it’s the intended way for it to be used…

but you just said the latter is easier to pull of…

Because it is. Heater/Freezer TeG setups are far easier to create than a burnmix/spaceloop setup, yet they are less effective. That loss in effectiveness doesn’t mean all that much when powering the station already requires a fairly small amount of power to begin with. One is the intended way to use a TeG and takes advantage of the entire point of the TeG. The other is taking advantage of thermomachines being cheap to power due to game design reasons. These statements are not contradictory.

Yes, but my point is why would someone knowingly take advantage of it, someone who doesnt have much knowledge of how TeG actually work would probalby very likely just hook it up with a heater and freezer to see it in action.

All I can think about when I hear “thermo machines” is that they should be a component of a cooling loop rather than a self contained thing.

firstly where the fuck does the heat go? you cannot delete energy, so thusly perhaps thermo-machines should deposit heat they generate in to the atmosphere around them? like a heat pump?

Using Thermo-machines as a sort of 4 pipe joining system that you can upgrade to increase efficiency and direct additional power to increase the heat exchange rate would be neat.
4 pipes, 2 being an in/out for a regular atmospheric/gas pipe and 2 that connect to the radiator pipes that deposit heat into space.

it’d also be really neat for creating hazardous situations, but that’d require more considertation

I would make a CC message saying there is a strange entropic anomaly coming from the TEG and if it isn’t deconstructed it may cause a maxcap * 1.5 sized explosion

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