TechKat banned by Haliris

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Griefing as lavaland scientist
Appeal Reason:
The reason I didn’t respond is I wasn’t available when the ticket was supposedly opened. By the time the base had detonated and my character died I had started my commute to work.

I had absolutely no intention of griefing, the fellow syndicate scientist that died as a result of my actions was a complete accident and mistake on my part. I have played BeeStation for quite some time and I enjoy contributing to the community, even if my RP isn’t always up to par.

I initiated the self destruct initially as I believed I was the only member of that base and I had just killed an intruder. I had information from over radio that more crew members from the station were going to be heading to the base and I didn’t want to leave the base in tact before I went SSD due to the active threat. I was rather confident up until now that I hadn’t a need to have a-helped the situation before leaving. I had 100% certainty that if I spent any more minutes on the server I was going to be very late in getting to my IRL job.

I am very sorry for how the events transpired, it was sincerely not in my intentions to ruin things for other people.

Additional Information:
Please consider my appeal, I have never been banned before from SS13 and a permanent is especially a first. I certainly intend to not waste the time of the Bee-admins.


“Do not grief. As a syndicate lavaland scientist, blew up the base for no apparent reasons, killing another scientist in the process. Didn’t respond to ticket, appeal on the forum to explain.”

Full ban reason for admin convenience

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Killed intruder here. I got onto syndie base thanks to swarmers on lavaland (they stun you and teleport to “safe” location). Came just to mention, please be more interactive in a future. I surrendered on the spot and you wordlessly took limb by limb with your energy sword. Hopefully it was only due to fact that you had to log off.

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I admit to having failed judgement of the circumstance, I initially misunderstood whether or not you were surrendering. Given the time constraint I was under, I acted very carelessly and disregarded it entirely.
There’s no excuse for why I didn’t at least say something in LOOC… In reality, I honestly panicked.

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Fellow syndicate here, I walked into the bomb room to ask something about burgers, you stabbed me, so I shot you and killed you in panic. Then we both got gibbed by the self destruct.

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I stabbed you because I was also in panic due to having started the self destruct. I was ready for station crew members to be walking through that door. All of the sudden I’m realizing you’re a friendly by the time you’ve filled me with bullets.

The entire situation quickly went beyond the scope of what I had information about. I seriously did not expect you to be walking through that door.

I can see a world in which you put yourself under extreme pressure, leading you to make these senseless decisions.

I want to reiterate that you going ssd/cryoing means you as a player are leaving the round, this is an IC action translating into OOC. The argument about whether or not a syndicate agent would have blown up the base here, has to be put on hold when you realize that you wanted to leave the round above all. If you have to cryo/ssd for whatever reasons, then just do it after you’ve made sure other players can pick up after you. Blowing up the base and removing ghost spawns, removing a potential variable for mining, is bad here. If you wish to leave the round, just ahelp and leave.

Appeal accepted