Team Fortress 2 inspired attire

-I will gladly sprite this if needed, just tell me what it is needed to sprite like heavy’s t-shirt and a reference image.

-It would make for insane drip and good for gimmicks.

-Coders you must hear this because the attire for team fortress gimmicks currently is horrendous.


Consider the following : maintainers might not want more direct references.

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ermmmm, demonstration man outfit when???

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paint bomb suit black and put a beenie and eyepatch on

all you need now is an armor vest, jackboots and to somehow convince the warden to give you the armorys grenade launcher. Honestly you could probably do half the mercs as is. I’ve done a convincing enough scout before


I’ve done demoman and the red jumpsuit is too bright with the armour vest. Could try a sec jumpsuit

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