Taylor Fisher back in the mines

**Discord ID:**taylor#0991

**Admin Discord ID:**I don’t know, use your imagination

**Ban Type:**Mute

**Ban Length:**Forever because warns dont expire :tragedy:

**Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):**24/04/2022 (This is DD/MM/YYYY, I refuse to bow down to your Americanism)

Ban Reason: Unnecessary ping of mentors

**Appeal Reason:**My good Beestation citizens, it is your beloved number 1 QM, Taylor Fisher. In the immortal words of CaptainSparkelz, “We back in the mine”. It seems once again I have been sent to the salt mines to supply Crossed with the server juices that keep Beestation running but the manual labour is making my hands blister. This is why I turn to you, beestations loyal mentors, to free me from the mines so I can get back to buying you lots of mind shields and guns. If you, the mentors, say that the ping was fine then Crossed will return me to general where I can shitpost in peace and return balance to the ecosystem.

Additional Information:

This is in fact a public trial, the votes of the mentors are what sway the results. So my good mentors, use your democratic power.

Should my warn be lifted?
  • Yes
  • No

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it’s too cold in the mines for me man

+1 whatever you were slightly funny once good enough for a ping or whatever


free taylor and efe :pray:


I get mentor pings are bad and all (i was memetor once i had to deal with meme pings) but is it really worth a real warning? Like if they repeatedly keep doing it yeah but once?

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+1, sometimes funny, some times SUPER CRING!!!

i’m repenting for my sins so hard rn

(i have lost all credibility for this)

go ahead KNEEL before beestablishment!!!

+1 made me think I had friends on discord for a moment (im a fucking mentor no one say otherwise someone give me my fucking role. Im crying. and shaking.)

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i was muted for pinging mentors and now i am rallying people to unmute me by pinging more mentors, this system is horribly flawed

@Efe stole your based

ignore handwriting, can’t write on phones

too late (also we shouldnt probably shit all over our appeals gamer)

Cleanup crew to Taylor Fisher back in the mines - #13 by taylor!!
go ahead jannies clean up at least 4 latest messages

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probably not, but the mentor gimmick made them pretty shit on anyway

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+1 I have notifications off so I couldn’t care any less


Poll added. Vote now mentors.

Cargo cannot work and sleep well knowing that their king is imprisoned in the salt mines. Release the saint!


Cargo doesn’t run till Taylor Fisher is free +1


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