Tapczan Player Report 2

In-game report:

CKEY: Auce

Your Discord: Fresh#0194

Offender’s CKEY: Tapczan

Offender’s In-Game Name:

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): Sept 21 2022

Round Number: 40505

Rules Broken: 8 and 9

Incident Description: Accused player was the AI in this round and they had some sort of altercation with the captain that ended with the captain attempting to change the AI’s laws. They did so unsuccessfully and uploaded nonsensical laws that didn’t change the AI’s behavior.

I (the RD) came to the AI upload in the RD office to fix the changes, and I informed the AI I was going to be doing so. Their response was to turn off the power in the office, n2o flood the floor, and then start smashing the consoles in the office as a borg. I ordered them to stop, and told them that I was undoing what the Captain did, but they claimed that they had reasonable doubt that I was attempting to do this and thus refused to comply and continued obstructing and sabotaging me. They additionally removed their AI core from their satellite in response to me announcing I was going to card them to check their laws. They were a non-antagonist and their laws had nothing that would’ve allowed them to contradict my orders.

Additional Information:

My timeline
Captain uploads first unsuccessful kill le heretic law. It doesn’t decrew so law 1 continues to protect them.
Captain lethals a cuffed crewmember heretic, then another time he lethals a brigged heretic. I take their cap gun from them.
Meteors break upload so a secret upload is made in RD’s office, law reset and another law declaring command being able to sentence people to death gets uploaded, law 1 still takes priority over it.
Fastforward to me getting a law reset and both cap and RD hanging out in RD office again, I disable the built AI upload due to the possibility of it landing in cap’s hands again. I had no reason to believe that any of them would not upload a third killing law so I removed it with the shell.

None of this would have happened if the person playing captain showed a basic understanding of AI laws.

Core removal was due to me seeing cap in SWAT and gun in bridge alongside you and HoP, I did not notice the carding announcement.

Cyborgs and AIs are protected from the consequences of security and crew in general breaking their laws and acting in best interest defending them.

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By the way you didn’t cremate captain gun right, just hide it? i wasn’t sure but your announcement made it seem like that

I lied about it being gone so the captain wouldn’t throw another tantrum over being denied valids