Tamuren Banned by Admin ruediger4

CKEY: Tamuren

Admin’s CKEY: ruediger4

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Both

Ban Type: Permanent

Ban Length: Forever

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): No date available in ban description

Round ID: No date available in ban description

Ban Reason: Possible ban evader

Appeal Reason: Not really sure what’s happening here. I don’t remember if I’m banned from Bee and I haven’t tried ban evading. Could this be a mistake?

Additional Information:

In response to the private message sent by admin, which I can’t find on this form, I play SS13 from multiple computers, from multiple networks, using VPNs and cracked versions of windows 10

Here are some configs I use

Desktop computer, cracked Windows, no VPN
Laptop 1, legit windows, VPN
Laptop 2, cracked windows, VPN

I take my laptops around, use public wifi and a VPN to get around blocked ports

I deleted it because I revealed something I shouldn’t have.


Ya don’t have any alts?

I just checked your bans and there’s no permaban done to that specific CKEY. So unless you have an alt or are trying to connect from a banned IP, this shit’s kinda odd.

Hi Ruediger, I have one ckey (Tamuren)

Oh I remember you. IC in OOC. Like, a lot. Shiddin’ on Bee and only being here ‘cuz you were banned on tg, or so you told me on the ahelp.

And also talkin’ about ban evading. Yikes.

I found ‘n currently lifting the ban under the assumption that you won’t Ick Ock again and you’ll be a good sport. We got a deal?

That sounds good, I accept

Should be up.

Tell me if it works!