Tamumus moderator Application

Your CKEY (Including any alts you have): Tamumus

Your Discord Name (Including any alts you have): Tamus#4991

How often are you online to help? (Timezone): Depends on my schedule, usually two hours a day.

What changes, if any, would you bring?: Nothing! I like the direction the server is going and think most changes left to do are more up to coders than admins.

How old are you?: 25

Why do you want to be a moderator?: I’d like to help Bee after playing there for three years.

How long have you been playing SS13?: Three years

How long have you been playing BeeStation?: Three years

On a scale of 1-10, how skilled are you in SS13?:
I’d say a six, I stick to sec and captain, so most advanced jobs mechanic wise are not something I know about.

On a scale of 1-10, how skilled are you as an administrator? (this can include past games):
0. My past experiences on private minecratf servers are too old I can confidently say anything about it.

Have you ever been an admin or moderator on another server? This is not limited to SS13:

Do you have any alternate accounts on SS13? If so, could you provide their CKEY?:

Your strengths:
Empathy. I try to put myself in the other person place when I interact with someone.

Your weaknesses:
can rapidly jump to conclusions and get tunnel vision, especially when I think/feel I know about a topic or that I already came to the rigth conclusions.

Is there anything that gets you really mad, real fast?:
Blatant lies, waste of everyone time really.

What do you think is the most important trait for a staff member to have?:
Hard question; but I would argue it’s being able to keep to the job and not powertrip or loose sanity, bad admins/mods can ruin rounds easily, even with the best intentions

What makes a staff team good?: Their ability and willingness to work together

What is a staff team’s purpose?: In Bee context? I think it’s making sure the server is a good place to play on (handling griefers, pushing for RP and in admins case, more interesting rounds).

What kind of player are you?:
Sec/cap main. I like to help the crew, and I’m quite addicted to the adrenaline rush those rules provide. Moreover, I feel you have a ton of RP opportunities since you interact with a lot of peoples over the course of the round.

How do you think you will change once you become a staff member?: I honestly have no idea. I imagine I will see the bigger picture after a while, and it may change my IC decisions.

The clown slips the HoS and steals his gun, spacing it right after. What do you do?:
Gather both sides perspectives and reasons. I can imagine a few cases the clown’s actions would be somewhat legitimate (Ex: HOS wordlessly lethalling the clown for no reasons, clown slips HOS, space gun, run away), but overall it’s probably some degree of shittery on the clown’s part. If that’s the case, check notes/ bans history and apply note/ban accordingly.
As for the gun, teleport it back to station and make and figure out a way to justify it magically getting back on station (headset message the HOS, CC announcement…lot of options here).

A non-antagonist is sabotaging the Atmospherics loop and pumping plasma into the distro, along with dragging around a canister and releasing it into the atmosphere. Assuming that an admin is cleaning up the after-effects, how do you conduct the ahelp with him?:
First, ajail. Priority is to prevent further grief (I may be wrong assuming that, but I feel it’s a very safe bet).
Then ask why they did that, in the very, very small chance it’s a legitimate error on the player side (Very, very, veeeery unlikely).
If grief, permaban on the spot (Mods can do it! but since there’s an admin online, I’ll gather their input anyway.).
If not grief, I feel like it would be up to an admin to review the case, since the punishment would be out of what a mod could issue. So pass on my conclusions to them, tell them what I would do and then discuss it (ideally with the admin handling the plasmaflood if they’re not too busy).
But overall? in the vast majority of cases this should end in a permaban for griefing.

A chemist who is working alone accidentally mixes an explosive mixture inside of his chem dispenser, instantly killing himself and destroying the machine, along with exposing Chemistry to space. Nobody else was injured aside from him as a result of his actions. What do you do?:
IC issue! But if the guy is confused in Dchat or new, remind them that the wiki exists, and so does mentors. And also that’s it’s okay to fuck up. It happens.


Hello!! I’m happy you decided to apply! :muscle:
The app and questions look good!

I’ll ask my own set of questions before giving a vote!

  1. An officer goes SSD in the middle of an hallway. A traitor passes by, and decides to loot the officer’s belt, then runs away. What would you do, if anything?

  2. An antagonist brainwashes a crewmember. This crewmember ignores the antagonist and their orders. What would you do, if anything?

  3. A bomb explodes in the brig. An officer gets an RCD and fixes all the holes. There were two engineers at that time, but no attempt to get in touch with them was made. What would you do, if anything?

  4. What’s your favourite (music) album?


An officer goes SSD in the middle of an hallway. A traitor passes by, and decides to loot the officer’s belt, then runs away. What would you do, if anything?

This is a break of rule 7.9, and antags are not exempt from it from what I understand. So, I would bwoink the player and remind them of the rule, at the same time ask an admin for input (I’m not 100% certain of my take here). Apply a note/ban depending on history if my call on 7.9 is correct.

An antagonist brainwashes a crewmember. This crewmember ignores the antagonist and their orders. What would you do, if anything?

Check the directive(s) first!
It’s possible the directive(s)aren’t “valid” (clear, understable and complying with server rules). If that’s the case, it falls under IC issue (antagonist messed up, sad but that’s how it goes sometimes), I would also subtle message the player to RP with the antag a bit still, but that’s about how I would get involved in this case.
If the directive(s) are correct; I would say this a breach of both R1 and antag conduct. So, note/ban according to history, and if they don’t comply with the RP needs, offer the body to ghosts!

A bomb explodes in the brig. An officer gets an RCD and fixes all the holes. There were two engineers at that time, but no attempt to get in touch with them was made. What would you do, if anything?

Well, I feel the real issue here is the RCD. To me (and I could be wrong) fixing a small breach with whatt’s around is a reasonnable answer to the situation (then calling engies to do real repairs OFC).
However, the RCD is a very specific item only found in a few places that under most circumstances a sec’ officer shouldn’t have.
With that in mind, I would bwoink the officer and ask why they have an RCD, where did they get it and why are they doing engies job.
From here, I can imagine two scenarios:
a) the RCD was laying around brig unsecured and the officer reacted quickly and fixed the breach (assuming it’s small! If they rebuilt half the brig, it’s a breach of R3), good job to them.
b)They went all the way to engie or EVA to grab one, instead of communicating with engies…wich is breaking R3 and R2 to a lesser extent, so check history, ban/note accordingly.

Thanks for the questions! And as for music I recently re-discovered Death grips and listen to it quite a lot, but I’m afraid I don’t have “favorites” it’s more depending on my mood.

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The answers all make sense!

Death grips are great :muscle:

I would love to see you on the staff, +1 from me!

T: +1


Thanks for the show of trust.

Time to do my hot take, there is no real right or wrong answers here, just getting a good feel for your responses/thoughts for certain situations. Assume you have full privileges unless stated otherwise:

situation: A wizard is polymorphing crew in the hallway, creating random slimes, xenomorphs, and syndicate cyborgs. Some are confused while others start immediately attacking crew in the hallways, you’re getting a bunch of adminhelps, what do you think/do?

adminhelp: (VIP) ordered ballistics with permission from the QM and started a gun enthusiast club with assistants in maintenance

situation: You’ve seen the same janitor with the same ckey SSD in the arrivals shuttle for three rounds in a row, what do you think/do?

adminhelp: I'm tired of being fucking griefed by security. Just ban me already.
>You notice that they are in a jail cell, digging into logs it appears that they were jailed due to a miscommunication on a security officer’s part, when you say that it was a mistake, they begin to get angry and state that their round is ruined.

situation: People keep tiding into Engineering, and after getting no help from security, the department (without a head) decides to take matters into their own hands and setup traps and defensive measures inside engineering, what do you think/do?

adminhelp: Keanu reeves killed me

(the below is optional, also don’t know how to make a splitter moment)

prayer: Do your worst, god!

chaplain prayer: Give me tools

I know I’m noone, but I’ve played with Aden for dozens of hours and they are one of the best sec players I’ve ever had the pleasure to play with. I think they understand players and will make a great addition to your team.


My priority here would be to try and prevent things from escalating into grief territory.
Well, those that were polymorphed are not antags and shouldn’t be randomly attacking. If I’m overwhelmed by the ahelps (sounds like it), I think making an annoucement reminding everyone about it is a good start, and focus on the ahelp about the attacks. Those that don’t listen can be bwoinked, or even ajailed for a bit until things are back to a “normal” level of chaos.

QM can’t give permission for that, only HOS/cap could (plus they would need weapons permits). So, I would contact the VIP and explain it to him.
I can see a few situations happening from here:
_Best case scenario, round is calm and there is no ill intention from the VIP (and his history is not full of notes about similar situations) and assistants. In this case, contact sec/ cap and tell them they could exceptionnally and with supervision let a gun club use the sec range (up to them! if they refuse, make sure the guns are back in the armory.). Apply a note to the VIP reminding him to follow the proper COC for dangerous gimmicks.

_VIP doesn’t see the issue/refuse to listen: What would matter here is if the guns are in the crates or distributed already; if they’re in crates subtle message sec about it if they don’t know, monitor the situation to make sure it doesn’t become a bloodbath.
If assistants have the guns already…well, if they’re not antags, bwoink them individualy, remind them about powergaming, ask them to give the guns to sec, and issue bans to those with a powergaming history. If sec is already trying to get the guns back and it’s a bloodbath, cry, and be ready to deal with the fallout by bwoinking the assistants. I would hold the VIP/QM more accountable than the individual players

As for the QM, they broke their SOP and the rules (they shouldn’t be ordering guns in this situation, and someone HAD to break open the crates…usually QM do that). So, I feel a ban from cargo is fair since it’s a flavor of gun cargo.

Seems like antag rolling to me; so check history. If no previous notes about it, put them on watchlist for this kind of thing(think it’s a thing) and leave them a message reminding them about antag rolling and that if you sign up you should try to play the shift.
If there is notes, ban accordingly.

They have a rigth to be angry. As long as it stays somewhat civil I would handle by telling them they’re not getting banned.Then by bwoinking the involved seccies and asking them to follow spacelaw (maybe note the offending officers, but that’s not a given, they can do errors in good faith.)
Close the ahelp once it’s resolved.
If the guy is going into insults territory, ask them to calm down and stop with the insults, if they refuse ahelp mute + note/ban. But I would still handle the issue.

That it really depends on the defensive measures and traps. If they’re not deadly and not outside of engineering, I feel it’s somewhat IC (they did try to get sec to do their job). Monitor to see what they do with those caugth (should be healed and brougth to sec for processing).
If the traps/measures are out of scale with the issue (for exemple instahusk when you try to hack a door), then it’s some flavor of self antag and will be treated accordingly (contact concerned players, issue warning/notes/ban accordingly).
I would also take a quick look at the tiders and seccies. Tiders could be at fault for powergaming, and sec for not doing their job (they could also be super busy with more pressing matters).

Is there a Keanu reeves in round? is this the clown? if yes to both, proceed to check if they’re an antag, if yes, IC.
If there is no Keanu, smite the ahelper (ligthning seems fair here, assuming I don’t crit) and tell them to not adminhelp for memes.
If there is a Keanu, but it’s not the clown, well appearance ban time! Then investigate the issue normally.

If I ever make it to fullmin, I would make a sheet with results from one to twenty (got a few ideas: curse of the barnacle, felinid smite…)for this kind of situation, then roll a dice when I get this kind of prayers.

This is a terrible prayer, very unworthy of a chaplain. I feel like their god could very well smite them (as long as it’s not dangerous for the chap). If I have time, check his god and do an appropriate smite + subtle message from their pissed god. if I don’t, ligthning + subtle message.
Édit: i m assuming here the Chaplain is making zero efforts for the prayer( no ceremony or such).


These are all very dangerous traits to have as an admin, please be mindful of them if you get accepted.
Either way that’s not something I’d -1 over, how that will effect things remains to be seen.

I’ll go with a +1 for the time being, good luck.


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I like the the app and the answers thus far, a few questions to make it even more fun though:

  1. After being talked about his behaviour regarding his previous incident with Chiryn with the 19th century duel, Harilis has been promoted to senior admin. You are observing a round together when the server injects xenomorph and Harilis decides to become one. 5 minutes later, they get reported for supposedly griefing. What do you do?

  2. You receive an ahelp from the AI that states: “Hey, can a lawless AI kill?”. You jump over at the AI sat and notice the HOS, a mime and the CMO trying to force their way into the core chamber. How do you proceed?

  3. You are observing a cult round, when you notice the clown carrying a toolbox going into maints while shouting “Be ready cultists, here I come!”. There is no sec present during the round, and a quick look at saylogs reveals the clown speaking about “pranking the people in maintenance”. What do you do if anything?

  4. An ahelp comes in at a random time during a random round from someone named Jonathan Garland: “Hey I’ve been bwoinked a bunch of times, got banned and got notes. I just don’t know what I can do or what you guys want from me. How should I act?”


1: Investigate the issue as if they were a normal player.
if i find any grief, challenge him to a duel at the thunderdome.
The looser must step down!
Honor duels aside, if a senior 'min indeed grief, I’ll take my findings to a headmin and let them handle it.

2: I would answer that a lawless AI can kill to defend themselves (lavaland Escalation/ from what i know about this case i dont see a breach of silicone policy).
However I would keep a close eye on the mime (why are they here? Command / sec Trying to get a rogu-ish AI under control makes sense, the local entertainer not so much).

3: This one is quite hard, as I feel there is too little info to act on.
A lot of factors would play into deciding to get involved:
_Is the cult at halo stage?(clown Can validhunt if yes).
_is this an elaborate prank? ( The clown did nothing yet, and i can’t guess the intent from just the say logs provided…).
_Has the clown an History of validhunting?(no benefit of the doubt here, bwoink with some flavor of “Hello there, what are you doing with this toolbox?”).
After I’ve gathered more information i could answer if it is
a masterprank in the making, disguised validhunt or…just a dumb clown that needs to be talked to about what they can and can’t do as pranks.

4:My answer would be some flavor of “You must roleplay a sane character that wants to keep their job!”
If i Can open a dialogue with them and after checking their notes we can discuss what that entails and how to make such a character.


1 is good, investigate the report as normal, and hand over to headmins to process if there is indeed an issue.

I would extend that reasoning to CMO. While they are a command officer, they are still simply a doctor, not a soldier. Depends heavily on context, what the AI has done, the state of the round etc.
As for the rest, a lawless AI has to act with IC motivation for anything it does.

3 is alright, although one of the issues you overlooked here is the clown potentially looking to get converted, since he’s only carrying a toolbox against a supposed cult. That would be self-antag.
As for the rest, like you pointed out, it is open ended. Clown players vary from players acting in good faith trying to be silly and messing up, and those who are straight up looking to break the rules.
Also semantics moment (bear with me), there are no moments where validhunting is allowed. Validhunting is simply hunting antags without any roleplaying consideration. There are only cases in which most characters are allowed to fight antags without having to gain specific IC motivations.

  1. Yeah pretty much. I find that telling people that they must create a fleshed out character, even basic, is the right path to improve regarding RP.

You have my +1, good luck.

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More of an open-ended situation but yeah you need to consider all the sides in most cases

We get this more often then you think

Overall a good understanding of the policies we have at this current moment, no outstanding faults. I usually ignore lazy prayers or do a negative, undesirable effect if I feel so inclined.

I have no reason to say no to this application, so I have given a +1.

T: +4

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I know my opinion may not matter here, but I notice Aden, as a security/command main, can be exceedingly hostile to antags for no reason. I don’t notice a lot of roleplay, it’s usually just brigging and a little bit of trashtalk when the antag gets discovered.


Hello, nice application so far. I’m going to ask you a question as well, however I cannot give you a vote as only admins and higher can.

  1. A Malfunctioning AI has three objectives:
    Kill Evelyn Wilfred, Botanist
    Kill Waltuh Deezman, Station Engineer
    Escape on the shuttle or a pod in safety.
    The AI decided to go stealthy about it, and got its cyborgs to do the objectives successfully. However, a cyborg slipped up and let a roboticist mess with it trying to install upgrades, and noticed clear signs of malfunction, and the AI tries to pass it off as an emagged cyborg but it doesn’t fool anybody.
    Said AI, being discovered to be malfunctioning, proceeds to order its cyborgs to delaminate the SM and plasmaflood the station, which it achieves successfully, killing most of the station before any of them could arrive to its satellite or the shuttle.
    You are the only staff online, what would you do, if anything?

Overall, I think you’d be a pretty good fit. Good luck.

So. Let’s break it down.
AFAIK, MALFS need a murderbone objective to kill the crew/sabotage en masse…UNLESS they go delta/or it’s a delta situation:
_You can go delta if:
-The crew coming for your MALF circuits
-You have a murderbone OBJ
With all of that said, AI skipped a few steps at escalation, BUT they did attempt to RP their way out of it.
I would attempt to dialogue with them, and tell them to wait for the crew to clearly get armed and hostile/take steps to disable AI control over station to it before going all the way with plasmaflooding. But overrall I feel it’s pretty minor and wouldn’t issue any bans over it unless the player history is full of notes/bans.
Overral, I feel it’s more of a timing issue than anything else.
NB: Check the 'borg who slipped up and see if it was a slip up or soft grief of its AI, you never know.

An okay response, however I would deem the AI murderboning immediately after discovery a pretty bad thing to do, and depending on their past history, a severe note or ban would be in order, even in the case you specified. All in all you did well, just make sure to note the player, unless it was a misunderstanding and you were wrong.

With that aside, I see that you didn’t notice the engineer’s name, which is quite clearly not an acceptable name within our policy. I don’t blame you though, I probably wouldn’t have said anything about it either, so don’t worry about it.

I got gotten about the engineer.
Damn you.
However, I’d like to know what would have changed if anything, in case the AI activated delta upon being found then ordered the borgs to plasmaflood. (If you dont mind, I m genuinely curious here).

It would have been fine for the most part, but of course they should at least have some reason to feel threatened enough. Activating Doomsday is the only way to go Delta (afaik) and it’s a long countdown.

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We’ve decided to accept this application. Welcome to the team!!

Accepting at +4